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Newsletter August #1 2018

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Five Key Ways to Protect Your Company Against Cyber Attacks

The steps to achieving business security include the use of up-to-date data encryption, data back-up, firewalls, anti-malware software and insurance. read more


What A ‘Cyber 9/11’ Would Look Like

Experts think national cyber vulnerabilities stem in large part from a lack of qualified people capable of defending companies and governments. read more


China Dominates Global Investment In AI

Chinese investment and financing in AI technology  accounts for 60 percent of the worldwide total, valued in 2017 at $27 billion. read more


MoneyTaker Take Money From A Russian Bank

The MoneyTaker hacking group are particularly hard to track because they use common OS utilities to perform malicious actions, instead of relying on actual malware. read more


Snowden Describes Russian Government As 'corrupt'

After 5 years living in Moscow, the reality of his situation is sinking in for the renowned ex-NSA intelligence agency contractor. read more


Singapore’s Giant Healthcare Hack

Hackers attacked the computers of SingHealth, the Republic's largest public healthcare group and scooped up personal information on 1.5m patients. read more


Hacking Via The Cloud

Chinese hackers implemented a massive espionage campaign targeting cloud service supplier’s networks, rather than attacking companies directly. read more


Mitigating IoT Cyber Risks: Training Is The First Step

It is vital to educate everyone in the risks involved with adopting increased IoT connectivity and how it can be mitigated. read more


Facebook Loses $123 Billion In Value

It seems the social media giant's previously inexorable market growth and its euphoric market valuation are both at the point of stalling. read more


Maintaining GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliance efforts by many organisations are not just a work in progress, in many cases the work is just beginning. read more


AI Will Thrash Employment

Some estimates suggest more than 400 million people worldwide could be looking for work by 2030. read more


Electronic Warfare Is Expanding

The US is building up electronic warfare capabilities  with techniques developed specifically to counter Russian advances in Europe. read more


Hackers Attack ProtonMail

ProtonMail's encrypted network has been under sustained pressure caused by DDoS attacks traced to a group claiming to have ties with Russia. read more


Fraudsters £350k Spoof University Emails

Action Fraud issue  a warning as reports show that fraudsters are registering domain names to look like they belong to UK university email addresses. read more

A New Heavyweight Drone

The Sukhoi Aircraft Company is building a new multi-purpose heavy drone as a technology demonstrator to test new applications. read more

Dubai  Launches First Standard For Driverless Cars

Dubai plans to transform 25 percent of its transport system to autonomous mode by 2030 and is setting new guidelines for self-driving vehicles. read more


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