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Newsletter August #3 2018

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Darktrace Discoveries Report 2018

Discover the subtle, novel threats that cyber AI neutralized in 2018, from a hacked car park kiosk to an insider-run bitcoin operation. read more (sponsored by Darktrace)


Understanding Cyber Vulnerability, Threats & Risks

Less than half of security leaders are confident in their organisation’s ability to combat anything beyond simple cyber incidents. read more


Balancing Security With Digital Transformation

How do companies keep up with the pace of technical innovation & competition while protecting their critical assets from security breaches? read more


Bots & Ballots Make A Sophisticated Threat

Russian efforts to undermine the Democratic 2016 Presidential Campaign appear to have been be more complex and extensive than first thought. read more


Powering The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

AI’s rapid evolution is producing a very big expansion of various new types of microchip hardware accelerators for machine learning. read more


GDPR Survey Shows 80% Non-Compliance

Only 20% of companies surveyed believe they are GDPR compliant, while 53% are in the implementation phase and 27% have not started. read more


Business Will Benefit From Artificial Intelligence

AI will rapidly gain traction in at least three critical areas of business: Decision Support, Equipment Maintenance and Customer Contact. read more


Five Eyes Spies Turn To Commercial Innovation

The 'Five Eye' countries are starting to consider leveraging the commercial technology sector to address common national security concerns. read more


Law Firms Are Uneducated & Exposed

Law firms often spend far less on cyber insurance than they really need to in order to have adequate protection, placing themselves at serious consequential risk.  read more


Social Media Giants Under Caution In Vietnam

US lawmakers urge Google and others not to comply with a Vietnamese security law that requires local storage of domestic users’ data. read more


Public Cloud Security Is A Conundrum

According to the experts at Gartner, the cloud is just like traditional forms of computing, except that everything is different. read more


Hackers Paid Big Money To Improve Cybersecurity

Hackers are being paid large bounties by business and government agencies to discover bugs and to protect platforms, products and consumers. read more


Internet Risks Failure As Sea Levels Rise

By 2033, over 4,000 miles of underground fiber will be beneath sea water and hundreds of data centers will be affected by climate change. read more


Facebook Fakers Get Better At Covering Tracks

Creators of fake accounts and news pages on Facebook are learning from their mistakes and making themselves harder to track and identify. read more

A British Puzzle To Find Hidden Cyber Talents

Immersive Labs have created problem-setting software to help ex-services personnel get started on new careers in cybersecurity. read more

Why Is Rural Broadband Access A Problem?

Only 55 percent of people living in US rural areas have access to the broadband speeds that are available to 94 percent of the urban population. read more


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