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Newsletter August #4 2018

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Catching The Silent Attacker, And The Next Phase Of Cyber AI

Lurking beneath the surface of enterprises today are subtle, stealthy cyber-threats – how can cyber AI fight back?. read more  (sponsored by Darktrace)


Cybersecurity Jumps Up The Corporate Agenda

Security experts are more worried about data breaches than ever, with most fearing Meltdown-Spectre type attacks will become the new normal. read more


Cyber Audits Can Save Businesses $1.5m

IBM say that systematic monitoring, logging, and auditing procedures can cut the average cost of each security breach by more than $1 million. read more


Digital Resilience Is A Step Up From Cybersecurity

Business resilience means an organisation is able to adopt new systems and processes, ensuring continued competitiveness and business survival. read more


Hackers Can Buy Tools To Attack Your Business For $40

An analysis of 25 DarkWeb sites examined the costs to buy cybercrime tools & services to carry out both simple and more complex attacks. read more


Malware – The Hateful Eight

Thesaurus Part 2: This concise malware bestiary will help you get your malware terms right when you hang out with the experts. read more


Hacking Your Holiday: Cyber Criminals Target Tourism

There were 3.9 billion malicious login attempts on sites belonging to airlines, cruise lines, hotels, travel, car rental & transport organisations last year. Its still going on. read more


Impact Of Economic Espionage

An official US Government report highlights the current threats and future trends in foreign intelligence efforts to steal IP, trade secrets & proprietary information. read more


Internet of Things For Healthcare

Healthcare providers and device makers are all looking to the IoT to revolutionise the gathering of clinical data and the delivery of care itself. read more


Phishing Tools Used To Attack The Power Grid

Russian hackers penetrated hundreds of US utilities, manufacturing plants successfully gained access using the most conventional of phishing tools. read more


GMail Users Warned Of Vulnerability

Confidential Mode: GMail users have been alerted about a new Google Mail feature which can be exploited to carry out a wave of scams. read more


An Election Interference Alert System

An early warning system being developed to spot attempts to subvert elections  by searching out fake news & propaganda would be easily thwarted. read more


Blockchain In Plain English

What is Blockchain really all about? In an attempt to make this definition as simple as possible, we can say that Blockchain automates trust. read more


Cybersecurity In Self-Driving Cars

There a broad range of cybersecurity challenges that must be overcome before autonomous and connected vehicles can be widely adopted. read more

Blackmail Emails Demand Bitcoin Payment

The sender threatens that if you do not pay $1000 in Bitcoin within one day then compromising video will be sent to all of your contacts. read more

Phone Calls, Texts Or Email - How Do Millennials Communicate?

The fundamentals of good communication don’t change between generations, but personal voice communications are slipping down the priority list. read more


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