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Newsletter December #1 2018

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GDPR’s Impact: The First Six Months

GDPR is now six months old and already appears to be exerting a subtle but extremely influential impact across the Technology sector. read more


Britain's Top Soldier Warns Of Russian Threats

The head of the British army says Russia is now a "far greater threat" to the UK's national security than the Islamic State terror group. read more


Russia And Ukraine’s Crisis Could Escalate Beyond Cyberwar

The crisis triggered by the maritime clash in the Black Sea has brought widespread denunciations of Russian aggression. How will they respond? read more


Marriott Hack - 500m Data Records Exposed

Hackers exfiltrated data on 500 million customers, thought to include payment card details, name & address, along with the system encryption keys. read more


Learning From Hackers To Protect Against Attacks

Security professionals can carefully analyse how hackers operate and apply some of the same tactics they use to help improve security. read more


Russian Hackers Are Using Brexit To Leverage Cyber Attacks

The Fancy Bear hacking team is using Brexit in an effort to trick target institutions across the EU into opening emails and downloading malware. read more


GCHQ Doesn't Always Tell Vendors If Their Software Is Vulnerable

GCHQ has a special team to search for flaws in different types of computer software and systems. They don't always disclose what they find. read more


Fake Facebook Pages Account For 60% Of Social Network Phishing

Kaspersky's anti-phishing tools prevented 3.7m attempts to visit fraudulent social network pages in Q1. The majority were fake Facebook pages. read more


A Cyber Attack Could Spark A Run On Banks

Attacks can cause systemic problems unless Government works with banks to coordinate crisis communication to ensure consistent messages. read more


AI Will Create Employment & Generate New Skills

AI and automation will open the door for many new job opportunities, some of which we can’t yet imagine. read more


Artificial Intelligence Or Deep Learning. Whats The Difference? 

AI, machine learning, and deep learning often overlap and are easily confused. Here's a concise guide. read more


Five Trends In Attacks On Industrial Control Systems

Attacks on industrial control systems are up, according to Kaspersky and Symantec. The attack data reveals five specific trends. read more


Selecting The Right SCADA Technology

Modern SCADA technologies offer choices that satisfy functionality and security requirements while improving performance for remote users. read more

AI Will Monitor 3D Printing

Lockheed Martin and the US Office of Naval Research are exploring how to apply AI to oversee and optimize 3-D printing of complex parts. read more

Barclays Fights Off Cyber-Attacks Daily

Barclays Bank fights off attacks from cyber criminals every single day, according to the head of the bank’s cyber security operations centre. read more

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