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Newsletter December #3 2018

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What's Your Digital Data Worth?

Your complete digital life, including data from your social media accounts, banking & credit card details, can be sold by criminals for less than $50. read more


Trial Facial Recognition Technology In London

'Authoritarian, Dangerous & Lawless':  A one-day trial of facial recognition technology by police in Central London has resulted in three arrests. read more


Russia Launched Cyber Attacks Against Ukraine Before Ship Seizures

Russian actors launched coordinated cyber-attacks against Ukraine before the seizure of Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait. read more


Hackers Step Out Of The Shadows With Bigger, Bolder Attacks

Stealth and secrecy use to be the hallmarks of cyber warfare. But increasingly, cyber attacks are now carried out in full public view. read more


The Top 8 Most Disturbing Data Breaches In 2018

Taking a closer look at some of the major 2018 data breaches to discover how they happened suggests that insiders are a common factor. By Marcell Gogan read more


Snowden Calls For Google To Stay Out Of China

From safety in Moscow, Edward Snowden adds his voice to human rights groups asking Google to back out of its plans to launch a censored search engine in China. read more


Three Ways Facebook Could Clean Up Their Act

Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies are causing society-wide damage. Here are three ideas to reduce the harm they do. read more


Banks Lose Tens Of Millions Of Dollars In Hollywood-style Hacks

Banks in Eastern Europe are being targeted by cyber-criminal gangs using the sort of tactics usually seen only in Hollywood movies. read more


NCSC Aims To Inspire Young Female Code-Breakers

The British National Cyber Security Centre has a competition to inspire the next generation of cyber security experts... and it's just for girls. read more


Microsoft In A Fight To Stop Cyber War

The tech industry is becoming more worried about a cyberwar arms race. But are any of the right people listening? read more


US Senator Calls For New Cyber Doctrine

Sen. Mark Warner calls for a new US cyber doctrine designed to combat modern threats from hackers and disinformation campaigns. read more


Startups Can Differentiate By Doing Cybersecurity Right From Day One

A Fintech startup expert says it’s easier and a lot cheaper to build in proper security when it’s done from the very beginning. By Patrick Coomans read more


Charities Falling Victim To Cybercrime

IT people at charity organisation are concerned that many of their computer systems are out of date and less secure than they need to be. read more

Review Your Cybersecurity Awareness

In 2019, security teams should empower people to take more control of their own security, not only at work, but at home. read more

AI Will Solve Marketing Problems

When it comes to marketing, AI has implications in different dimensions that nudge customers towards the sale. read more

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