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Newsletter February #1 2018

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Pentagon Considers Nuclear Retaliation To Big Cyber Attacks

An extreme response to an extreme problem: Why use hack-back tactics when you can drop a nuke on your cyber attackers? read more


World's Biggest Ever Digital Currency Theft

One of Japan's largest digital currency exchanges says it has lost some $534m (£380m) worth of virtual money in a hacking attack on its network. read more


Cybercrime: £130bn Stolen From Consumers In 2017

Hackers stole a total of £130bn from consumers in 2017, including £4.6bn from British Internet users, according to the experts at Norton. read more


Cyber Attacks Rank Alongside Natural Disasters

Insurers think a major cyber attack could cost as much as a big hurricane. Like extreme weather and other natural disasters, cyberattacks are a global issue. read more


Employees Are Key To Cybersecurity

Insiders are the largest source of corporate data breaches, inadvertent or malicious, yet 55% of the workforce do not remember getting any training. read more


Cyber Insurance: Good News & Bad News

Cybersecurity insurance is critical. Without this essential service, you could suffer a cyber attack that kills your business for good. read more


You Probably Don’t Know All the Ways Facebook Tracks You

When you sign up with Facebook you become their product. You might not realise just how deep or extensive their tracking of your behaviour goes. read more


Its Time Get Serious About Hardware Cybersecurity

Meltdown and Spectre highlight the need to defend against vulnerabilities in  embedded hardware for critical  infrastructure. read more


Making Data Scientists More Productive

Business is adopting a self-service model for their data scientists and using 'data curators' to make these highly skilled specialists more productive. read more


Google’s AutoML Offers Machine Learning Models Without Having To Code

AutoML Vision helps developers, including those with no machine learning expertise, build custom image recognition models. read more


India’s Political Parties Are Fighting A Cyberwar

Indian regional elections are highly contested and this year the arguments in Karnataka State are spurring huge growth in social media traffic. read more


Russia Will Create Its Own Internet

Russia is declaring independence from ICANN and will set up its own network of root servers for its domestic market and those of other BRIC nations. read more


Looming Cyber Threats From Russia & N. Korea

Threats from Russia  & N.Korea have increased and cyber criminals have improved their tactics, techniques & procedures, according to Flashpoint. read more

In S.Africa The Cybersecurity Skills Gap Is A Chasm

South Africa has seen a steady rise in cyber crime, jumping to rank as the 3rd most cyber attacked country in the world. The situation is dire. read more

US Banks Face A Growing Threat

US Banks relying on third-party firms for support and defence against cyber attackers are  making  the challenges they face even more complex. read more

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