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Newsletter February #4 2018

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Crypto-Mining Is A Growing Epidemic

Cryptocurrency mining presents a real threat to businesses, with nearly 25% of organisations worldwide affected by Coinhive malware. read more


Bitcoin Energy Use In Iceland Soars

Making Money: Electricity use at Bitcoin mining data centres located in Iceland is likely to exceed the energy consumption of all the nation's homes. read more


UK Blames Russia For NotPetya Cyberattack

UK Defence Minister accuses the Russian government of “undermining democracy” with a cyberattack targeting Ukraine that spread across Europe. read more


A Search Tool That Allows Anyone To Access Cloud Documents

Buckhacker is a hacking tool that trawls unsecured cloud server platforms. Companies using them are at risk of losing control of their data. read more


What Do CISOs Prioritise To Improve Cybersecurity?

As security has increasingly become a concern for financial institutions, the role of the CISO has been thrust into the organisational spotlight. read more


Tackling The Insider Threat … Where To Start?

Many organisations still believe the insider threat is limited to a rogue employee, but not all insider threats have to be malicious to cause an incident. read more


Police Wearing Face Recognition Glasses

Chinese police are now wearing sunglasses equipped with facial-recognition technology connected to a database of criminal suspects. read more 


China Measures Its Citizens' Trustworthiness

China is exploring how AI & Big Data can be used to monitor social media interactions and has plans to assign citizens a 'social-reliability' rating. read more


What Does The US Air Force Want From Artificial Intelligence?

Amongst other things, one answer is the capability to shoot someone in the face from 200 kilometers away. read more


Discover Your Inner Spy

Spyscape: New York has a new museum, designed by a British intelligence officer, giving visitors a taste of life as a secret agent. read more


Facebook Enables 'Fake News'

Digital Deceit: More people, including an ex-senior Facebook executive, are coming to the conclusion that social networking is an overall negative for society. read more


AI In Conflict: Cyberwar & Robot Soldiers

Munich Security Conference: The use of robots and artificial intelligence within the military sphere might make the whole world more unstable. read more


What is the Industrial IoT?

The IIOT connects machines and devices in industries across transportation, power and healthcare. The potential is high and so are the risks. read more

Facebook Privacy Settings Ruled Illegal

A German court rules that Facebook collects and uses personal data without providing enough information to users for them to give meaningful consent. read more

Self-Driving Trucks At Work In Australia

Self-driving trucks have begun to hit the roads in the United States, but they’re already hard at work in Australia. read more

Flight Ticket Fraud Alert

Fraudsters are attempting to entice UK  victims who are looking for cheap flights to Africa and the M. East with fake online tickets. read more

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