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Newsletter January #1 2018

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Directors Who Conceal Cyber Attacks Could Face Prison

If you think GDPR compliance is a challenge for EU businesses, the proposed US Data Security & Breach Notification Act will really scare you. read more


IT Chiefs Fear Sophisticated Cyber Threats

Organisations need to wake up and realise that enhancing digital capabilities is about enabling people, not the sole responsibility of IT departments. read more 


Six Cyber Attacks That Shook 2017

The increasing number and potency of cyber attacks caused concern for governments all over the world. Vital information was stolen every day. read more


UK Spy Agency GCHQ Is Losing Cyber Talent

In its annual report GCHQ admits problems with  keeping its top cyber talent, who are being hired away to tech companies offering much higher pay. read more


US Defense Contractors Stole Images From UK Secret Surveillance Station

In a major embarrassment to US & UK military authorities, architects disclosed top secret images of the RAF Croughton SIGINT interception centre. read more


Snowden’s Haven - A New Surveillance App

A fresh career in the security business beckons for Edward Snowden as the famed NSA whistleblower reinvents himself as a tech entrepreneur. read more


Very Few Women Are CISOs

A good CISO is hard to find, especially in the case of female executives, who hold only 13% of these vital roles in top companies. read more


Popular Streaming Sites Secretly Mine Cryptocurrency

Several popular streaming sites are generating large sums of virtual money while visitors are busy viewing or converting videos. read more


Iranian Hackers Have Infiltrated US Infrastructure

Iranian hacking group APT34 appear to have burrowed deep, targeting US  financial, energy, telecommunications and chemicals companies. read more


When Terrorists Learn How to Hack

Terrorist groups are expanding their use of the Internet beyond disseminating operational know-how. They are building threatening new hacking tools. read more


GDPR - Its Complicated.

Old software, weak access controls and a poor data security culture all weaken your position under GDPR. Improvement is going to be mandatory. read more


Social Media Is 'Ripping Society Apart'

The growing band of critics who blame social media for a wide range of cultural, political & humanitarian ills includes a senior ex- Facebook executive. read more


Ethiopian Cyber Spies Left Clues Behind

The Ethiopian government used spyware acquired from an Israeli company to spy on dissidents. Unfortunately, they didn't read the instructions. read more

Chinese Hacker Groups Shift Focus To India

Experts at FireEye say they expect to see Chinese APT groups focusing more attacks on India in 2018. read more

The GDPR Advisory Board Offers Expert AdviceThe GDPR Advisory Board is an accessible, authoritative platform for organisations baffled by the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). read more

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