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Newsletter January #4 2017

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The CIA Discovers It Has A Mole

The arrest of a former CIA case officer sheds light on a shadowy counterintelligence drama that has been playing out for nearly eight years. read more


British Army Chief Wants Increased Cyber Defence & Attack Capabilities

The UK’s ability to respond to threats will be eroded if the country does not keep up with its adversaries in terms of defence spending. read more


Stuxnet: The Father Of Cyberkinetic Weapons

It is the 10th anniversary of the Stuxnet attack on the Iranian nuclear weapons program. The world’s first cyber weapon opened Pandora’s box. read more


What Is Fog Computing?

An architecture that distributes resources of computing, storage, control and networking along the continuum from Cloud to Things. read more


Russian Troops Use Missiles & Cyber To Counter 'swarm of drones'

The Russian military says it has fought off an attack by a swarm of drones launched by jihadists against its Tartus airbase in Syria. read more


AI Can Simplify The Purchasing Process For Business

US government workers and contractors could use AI to navigate regulations to make the federal purchasing process cheaper and less complex. read more


Russian Hackers Trying To Infiltrate US Senate

Russian hackers accused of breaching the US Democratic Party and meddling in the French Presidential election are now targeting US Senators. read more


Massive Breach: 3m Healthcare Records Compromised

Norway's biggest regional Healthcare system says that three million patient records have been  compromised in a "professional" cyber attack. read more


Twitter Reveals True Extent Of Russian US Election Posts

Twitter has admitted that a far greater number of Russia-linked accounts posted material about the 2016 US election than it has previously disclosed. read more


How To Handle A Cyber Crisis

An unnamed Canadian Bank didn't know how to publicly manage a cyber crisis and called in the experts. Here is their advice. read more


Insiders Are Behind Most Business Cybersecurity Incidents

Insider threats are a much bigger risk to cyber security than external hackers, with 74% of cyber incidents happening from within companies. read more


Companies Are Buying Cyber Insurance 'in mad panic' 

Many firms feel under siege from cyber attackers. But can insurers quantify the risk accurately and could insurance lead to corporate complacency? read more


The Big Online Advertising Swindle

Fake news, concerns over privacy and political manipulation are some of the issues swirling around social media. There is also advertising fraud. read more

Facebook Users To Rank The News They TrustFacebook plans to diminish its role as an arbiter of the news people see and will rank news organisations by credibility based on user feedback. read more

World Economic Leaders Fear Increasing Cyber Attacks

World leaders at WEF in Davos are contemplating a “deteriorating geopolitical landscape” where cybersecurity has jumped right up the agenda. read more

4 Steps To Get Ready For GDPR

For organisation that do business in the EU in any capacity the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a crucial piece of legislation. read more

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