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Newsletter July #1 2018

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Cybersecurity Issues For Open Banking

Only a standardised, industry-wide format will give the security and assure the levels of consumer trust crucial to the success of the Open Banking initiative. read more


Trump Backs Russia On Election Interference

President Trump contradicts the US intelligence establishment's conclusions about Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential elections. read more


Is GDPR Good For SME Data?

Small and midsize businesses face a unique set of challenges when addressing compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. read more 


Effective Data Security Is A Team Effort

Delivering effective data security in today’s business environment can be challenging. To achieve it takes teamwork and communication. read more


How to Measure Cybersecurity Success

When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates. read more


Inside The Chinese-Hacking Underground

The experts at Flashpoint  know how to  identify and  characterise the exploits of Chinese hacking groups distinct from those of other nations. read more


Google AI To Predict Patient Healthcare Outcomes

Google has made a tool capable of forecasting patient outcomes, how long they may stay in hospitals, the odds of re-admission and chances they will  die. read more


IBM’s AI Can Argue With Humans

Bringing practical applications to AI technology has proven difficult and IBM's Project Debater shows there is quite a  way to go. read more


What Does Blockchain Mean To The EU?

There are growing indications that the European Union is waking up to the vast potential offered by Blockchain technology. read more


What War Games Tell Us About The Use Of Cyber Weapons

The US defence establishment have been gaming cyber warfare to find out if  cyber weapons are equally as destructive as conventional weapons. read more


A Brief History Of Cyber-Deterrence

Since 2014 the pace of international cyberwar, hacking attack, counterattack and reprisal has been speeding up. Here is a timeline of events.  read more


Get Started with Predictive Analytics

Many businesses don't fully understand the holistic view predictive analytics can bring to their organisation. They need to try harder. read more


Israel Gets 20% Of Global Cybersecurity Investment

Prime Minister Netanyahu claims that surging investment in the emergent Israeli cybersecurity industry has tangible benefits for national defence. read more

Cyber Attackers Tunnel Into Financial Services Firms

Global financial services organisations are targeted by sophisticated cyber attackers to steal critical data and personally-identifiable information. read more

Cryptocurrency Cybercrime Is Surging In The UK

Action Fraud warning of a wave of fake Wannacry ransomware attacks threatening users that their files will be deleted unless a Bitcoin fine is paid. read more

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