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Newsletter July #2 2018

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ICO Fine Facebook Half A Million Pounds

Facebook is to be fined £500,000 by the British ICO regulator, the maximum amount possible, for its part in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. read more


California Passes Its Own GDPR Law

California's 40m  residents get the right to view the data companies hold on them, make corrections and request that it not be sold to third parties. read more


Russia Faces US Request To Extradite Snowden

Donald Trump is expected to ask for Edwards Snowden's return to the US to face trial when he meets Vladimir Putin next week. read more


China Escalates Hacks On The US Submarines, Satellites & More

China's nation state hackers have reorganized and retooled to become even more effective at digital espionage. read more


China Is Spying On Germany

Chinese agents are actively networking with German MPs, offering them money and foreign travel in exchange for expertise and 'insider knowledge'. read more


EU Creates A Unified Cyber-Force

EU member states have agreed to create “EU Cyber Rapid Response Force” teams and is enlisting support from all member states. read more


How Cloud Computing Changes Data Governance Strategies

Whether on-premises, private, hybrid or multi-cloud, organisations getting the benefit of the cloud  require an alternative data governance approach. read more


The Five Most In-Demand Cybersecurity Roles

More companies are seeking cybersecurity professionals in efforts to comply with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). read more


Five Tips To Secure IoT

To make the most of empowering IoT technology, it  must be simultaneously optimised to do its job while not exposing personal data. read more


Crypto-Mining For Cyber Criminals

Malicious crypto-mining malware is becoming a top tactic among cyber criminals, according to WatchGuard Security's Q1 threat intelligence update. read more


Police Criticised For Face Recognition Failures

Face recognition is contentious because of issues of privacy and race. Some experts are saying face recognition software is not ready for Police use. read more


Blockchain For US Border Security

DHS want to combine blockchain technology with US border sensors and cameras to protect the integrity of data collected by IoT devices. read more


Using AI To Reduce Business Risks

The constant evolution of malware, ransomware and other threats makes detection with conventional cybersecurity protocols increasingly difficult. read more

Theft & Subsequent Re-Use of Cyber Weapons

A year has passed since two widespread and very destructive attacks, both using  offensive cyber tools created by the NSA and then stolen. read more

US Builds The Fastest Supercomputer.

For Now The arms race in computing power to drive  AI and other complex data processes continues apace as 'Summit' leapfrogs 'Sunways TaihuLight'. read more


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