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Newsletter July #3 2018

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Is Cyber The Perfect Weapon?

Millions of intrusions into other countries’ networks occur each year, but only a half-dozen or so have done actual significant physical harm. read more


Russia Will Keep Up Cyber Attacks For Geo-Political Influence

Ukraine's intelligence chiefs are convinced Russia is committed to using de-stabilising cyber attacks as tools to extend its international influence. read more


The Mueller Investigation Identifies Russian Spies

US Intelligence agencies stand vindicated as Special Prosecutor Mueller indicts agents of the Russian military for 2016 electoral interference. read more


Putin Says Russia The Target Of 25m  World Cup Cyber Attacks

Putin: "Almost 25m cyber attacks and other criminal acts on the information structures in Russia, the World Cup, were neutralised" read more


Don't Leave AI Governance To The Machines

Now AI has the ability to reach its own conclusions, governance over the machines is critical for both business executives & customers. read more


Breakthrough Technologies To Combat Insider Threats

Advances in technology have a positive outlook on keeping sensitive data safe. Here are five emerging tools for mitigating insider threats. read more


What Does The EU Cybersecurity Vote Mean To You?

EU  lawmakers have voted in favour of giving more power and money to the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA). read more


Are Women Better At Cybersecurity?

The cybersecurity industry needs more analytical, curious and creative individuals. These prized qualities could be hidden in plain sight. read more


Fake News Is A Real Cybesecurity Risk

The viral nature of fake news does more than spread misinformation, it presents extensive cybersecurity risks that are not making the news. read more


Digital Shock. Part 2

The Challenge of Policing Cyber Crime. A Three Part Introduction to Cyber Crime and its Effects on Current UK Policing. (£) login  read more


For Sale: Access To Airport Security

Cybercriminals are offering stolen access to airport security systems including transit, surveillance & building automation systems for only $10. read more


Fake Dating Apps Infiltrate Israeli Military

Hamas has a sophisticated spyware operation designed to trick Israeli Defense Force soldiers into downloading malicious apps. read more


US Dark Web Raids Lead to Arrests And Seizures

Guns, drugs, cars, gold bars, crytocurrency and crypto-mining gear all seized as US Homeland Security agents arrest 35+ DarkWeb vendors. read more

Coast Guard Academy Creates New Cyber Program

The US Coast Guard Academy is now offering an academic program in cyber systems, its first big new training initiative in a quarter century. read more

HSBC Robots Aren't Bankers.Yet

The head of innovation for HSBC thinks a robot  powered by machine learning could help the multinational bank transform retail banking. read more


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