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Newsletter July #4 2018

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UK CEOs Believe Cyber Attacks Are Inevitable

KPMG surveyed 150 business  leaders to find 40% of UK CEOs say it's no longer a case of "if" a cyber attack will happen, as it is now an inevitability. read more


Trump / Putin Summit  Was A Magnet For Hackers

The  Helsinki meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin was as big a magnet for hackers as the Singapore summit with Kim Jong-un. But with a difference. read more


Get Ready For ePrivacy Regulation

If you thought GDPR was bad - ePrivacy Regulation is a new single digital data privacy framework for companies doing business in the EU. read more


Android Abuse: EU Fines Google $5.1 Billion

The EU is taking aggressive regulatory action against the US technology giant that may cause lasting changes to the smartphone industry. read more


Cyber Threat Warnings ‘Blinking Red’

US intelligence chief Dan Coats warns of urgent cyber threats coming from Russia, China, Iran & N Korea as well as criminal networks and individual hackers. read more


No More Asylum For Julian Assange

Ecuador is planning to withdraw its political asylum for Assange, eject him from its London embassy and might turn him over to the British authorities. read more


Snowden – Five Years Later

From safety in Moscow, Edward Snowden has no regrets five years on from leaking the biggest cache of top-secret documents in history. read more


Kremlin Hacking Crew Take A 'Roman Holiday'

Researchers say a Kremlin-linked hacking group was behind a new cyber-espionage campaign they believe was targeting the Italian navy. read more


Darktrace Goes From Cybersecurity Start-Up To Unicorn

Darktrace has been named Europe's most promising tech company with a $1.25 billion valuation and contracts secured worth $400m. read more


Top Cyber Spy Warns Against AI

The Chief of the Australian Signals Directorate says spy agencies around the world are increasingly using AI to carry out covert activities.  read more


Cybercrime Is A Real Economic Threat

Online scams and cybercrime have the potential to impose irreversible financial, legal and reputational costs. At least take the basic precautions. read more


Quantum Computing Is Becoming Reality

The first thing you should know about quantum computing is that it won’t displace traditional, or ‘classical’ computing…Yet… read more


UK Launches Consultation To Develop Cybersecurity

The UK Government has launched a consultation into developing the cybersecurity profession to support the National Cyber Security Strategy. read more


Weaponising Stolen Data

A new form of  cyber threat could be the illicit use of critical infrastructure to manipulate data and weaponise in new and unexpected ways. read more

Big Data Becomes Everyone's Job

Once a responsibility reserved for data analysts and technical experts, Big Data is entering an era where everyone needs to use data in their own roles. read more

NZ Cyber Security Challenge Simulates Drone Attacks

Around 400 aspiring cybercrime fighters in New Zealand will attempt to infiltrate a horde of killer drones manufactured by a criminal group. read more


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