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Newsletter June #1 2018

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A Cyber Attack Could Cripple The UK

The chief of British military intelligence has made a rare public statement warning of the UK's vulnerability to a major cyber attack. read more


GDPR - More People Will Share Data

One effect of GDPR will be to increase consumer confidence, making users more likely to share personal data with those organisations they trust. read more


Denmark Under Attack

Two out of three businesses surveyed have been on the receiving end of cyber-attacks in the last year, with one in eight of those attacks successful. read moree


Europe Is A Cybercrime Hub

European businesses need to invest in innovative, real-time security capabilities that are robust enough to withstand intense attacks. read more


Mexican Bank Hack Led To A Cash Flight

Several Mexican banks have experienced large cash withdrawals after possible cyber attackers infiltrated the central bank payments system. read more


The US Is Heading Toward A Cashless Economy Via Blockchain

The banking industry is starting to believe it's only a matter of time before central banks adopt a form of digital currency that looks a lot like like Bitcoin. read more


Is the Pentagon Cloud Secure Enough to Hold Nuclear Secrets?

The US Government will shortly award a huge contract to host its most intimate defense secrets, thought to include its nuclear weapons codes. read more


Business Cyber Security Strategy (£)

The Corporate Board is ultimately accountable for the protection of corporate systems and they need to develop a robust cyber security policy. read more


Ecuador Spied On Assange

Trust: Whilst taking refuge in their London Embassy, Julian Assange hacked his hosts network secrets, although they had him under continued covert surveillance. read more


Spies Are Hacking Journalism A Leak. A Whistelblower.

A Spy: In a world in which foreign intelligence services hack, leak and fabricate, journalists have to use extreme caution. read more


AI & Machine Learning Are Adding To The Skills Shortage

As data security moves fast towards automation, the adoption of new technology is aggravating an acute shortage of people with the right skills. read more


An Iranian Hacker Confesses

Understanding the hierarchy of Iran's hackers offers an insight into how to defend against the prospect of attacks from the Islamic Republic. read more


Insurers Are Not Ready For IoT

Insurance companies know the IoT is important, but they have no idea how to collect the data or what to do with it. read more

Preventing Another Wannacry

A year since Wannacry ransomware crippled the British healthcare system, along with hundreds of other organisations, has security changed much? read more

Barclays Bank Wants To Stop Cybercrime

UK's Barclays Bank has launched a campaign to help increasingly vulnerable small business owners stamp out cybercrime. read more

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