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Newsletter June #2 2018

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Facebook Gave Chinese Tech Firms Access To User Data

Facebook has shared its user data with Chinese tech firms, including Huawei and Lenovo, both of whom are suspected as potential risks to US national security. read more

FBI Seizes Control Of Russian Botnet

FBI agents have seized control of a key server in the Kremlin’s global botnet of 500,000 hacked routers, allowing the victims to be identified. read more

N Korean Cyber Attacks Continue Despite Peace Talks

Experts see an intensification in the level of cyber attacks from N Korea in the build up to talks with S Korea and the US on de-nuclearisation. read more

Nation State Cyber Attacks Are An Act Of War

Top British law officer thinks hostile states targeting essential infrastructure & services should be treated in the same way as physical attackers. read more

Japan’s Secret Spy Agency

Like any other advanced economic power, Japan operates a significant intelligence and surveillance apparatus. Here is an outline. read more

Quantum Computing - What You Should Know

As conventional computing technology matures and with an insatiable demand for more power, there is a growing interest in quantum computing. read more

GDPR Is Now Effective

GDPR is a wake-up call for American companies to solidify best practices around their big data and data science initiatives. read more

Cybercrime: Law Enforcement Must Get Serious

A crime is crime, whether the bad actor is throwing a brick or wielding a keypad. Police forces should treat online crimes and physical crimes the same. read more

Malta Under Large Scale Attack

As a well known offshore banking centre for Russian nationals, it is perhaps no surprise that Malta suffers a high number of cyber attacks. read more

Cybercrime Is Increasing In Scotland

Sexual offenses, phishing and other online fraud are on the increase in Scotland, although the  national police force say they are adapting to change. read more

Terrorists Deploy New Techniques To Counter Digital Forensics

Terror groups are using new and better techniques to hide data in computers and phones to reduce the intelligence value of seized laptops & phones. read more

Action Fraud Reports A Sharp Rise In Fake TSB Activity

The UK online crime reporting service is seeing a big jump in suspicious messaging connected with the stricken customer IT systems of TSB Bank. read more

UK Will Name The Nations Sponsoring Cyber Attacks

Britain will name and shame foreign states that hire hackers to carry out cyber attacks or interfere via the Internet in national elections. read more...

Bank of England CIO Sets A Cybersecurity Challenge

Driven by a nationwide skills gap, the Bank of England is hosting its first face-to-face cyber security competition to find young talent. read more

Playing Catch-Up With GDPR

Beyond the EU the GDPR regulation is expected to reshape how global organisations manage, share and protect their users’ personal data. read more

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