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Newsletter June #3 2018

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America Can Learn About Russian Disinformation From Europe

The information warfare tactics used in Ukraine, Estonia and elsewhere in Europe are easily replicable in the forthcoming US midterm elections. read more​


Facebook Admits Privacy Settings 'Bug' Affects 14 Million Users

Bad To Worse: Forget about giving user data away to dodgy business partners, it looks like Facebook can't protect your privacy even when it wants to. read more


A Looming US/China Tech War Over Huawei

A full-on tech trade war between the US and China draws closer as the US investigates whether Huawei broke US sanctions against Iran. read more


F-35 Is The Most Thoroughly Tested Cyber Weapon

Debugging: With almost 9m lines of software code the new warplane has been described as essentially a flying computer. read more


Aircraft Can Be Successfully Hacked In-Flight

A security expert will show BlackHat 2018 how it is possible to hack into in-flight aircraft WiFi networks and Satcom equipment from the ground. read more


Ex-GCHQ Boss: Nation State Cyber-Attacks Affect Everyone

All organisations are potential targets of nation state attacks, according to former GCHQ Chief, Robert Hannigan, speaking at Infosecurity18. read more


Ukraine Detects A Cyber Attack On A NATO Member

The Ukraine Security Service claims to have frustrated an attempted attack on a NATO member state, but remains oddly silent about which one. read more


Russia is Building A Separate Military Cloud

Russia is building a giant military cloud, to improve  its ability to keep operating if its connection to the global Internet is hacked or severed. read more


Google Workers Are Revolting

Thousands of Google employees have signed an open letter asking the Internet giant to stop working on a project for the US military. read more


Cybercrime: Under-Reporting Gives Hackers A Green Light

The lack of successful cybercrime reporting in the UK means that cyber attackers believe there are no consequences of their actions. read more


Data About Your Company On The Dark Web

For any company wishing to stay on top of its security obligations, getting a window into what happens on the Dark Web will prove invaluable. read more


‘Important Information About Your Credit Card’

No, it is not from your credit card company. It is a phishing email sent to you by criminals designed to steal your credit card numbers and identity. read more


Digital Shock: Special Report (£)

The 4th Industrial Revolution will create an integration of digital, physical and biological systems that will significantly change our world. read more


Banking Botnet Profit Share

The experts at Flashpoint say two separate banking botnets appear to have started a  collaboration targeting systems to steal money. read more

Cyber Thesaurus - Vocabulary

Cyber-security has its own intimidating jargon. You’ll be better equipped to address your cyber risks when you know the terminology. read more

Goldman Sachs Offers A Cyber War Games Product

Goldman Sachs is offering its developer community a 'gamified' cybersecurity training programme addressing corporate breaches. read more

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