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Newsletter June #5 2018

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German Nuclear Plant Infected With Viruses

The RWE Gundremmingen nuclear plant, located northwest of Munich, has been found to be infected with computer viruses. But don't worry.... read more


Ukraine Says Russian Hackers Are Preparing A Massive Strike

Hackers from Russia are infecting Ukrainian companies with malicious software to create “back doors” for a large, coordinated attack. read more


Chinese Hack Breached US Satellites

Hackers infected computers controlling critical US communications satellites, enabling them to change orbital positions and disrupt data traffic. read more


13 Ways Cyber Criminals Spread Malware

A search of darknet forums reveals a wide range of techniques used by criminal hackers to spread malware, steal data and plant crypto ransomware. read more


Cyber Criminals Love The UK

Britain is considered the top target for cyber criminals in Europe. They like coming to London to launder their stolen money, too. read more


A Guide To Addressing Corporate IoT Security

What can enterprises do to strengthen the security of their IoT environments? Here are some suggested best practices from industry experts. read more


AI Is Re-Inventing IT

Artificial Intelligence is taking over the IT world as companies use AI and machine learning to improve tech support & manage infrastructure. read more


White Hat To Combat Cyber-Attacks

The Israeli National Cyber Security Authority is sub-contracting protection of critical infrastructure, sector by sector. read more


Blockchain v World Cup – It Could Go To Penalties…

TV Adverts promoting Blockchain start-up Hdac are premature and possibly misleading about the current actual capability of the technology. read more


China’s Electronic Surveillance Program Targets Muslims

China has created one of the world’s most sophisticated state surveillance systems to target the predominantly Muslim Uighur ethnic minority. read more


US Accuses Russia Of Interfering With Undersea Cables

The US Government says the FSB are engaged in deep-sea espionage to intercept and tap underwater telecommunications cables. read more


The Pentagon's AI Program To Find Hidden Nuclear Missiles

The US military is increasing spending on a secret research effort to use Artificial Intelligence to help anticipate the launch of a nuclear-capable missile. read more


Using Machine Learning To Spot Photoshopped Images

Adobe is using machine learning to make it easier to spot Photoshopped images as new research uses AI to automate traditional digital forensics. read more

Its About Training, Stupid

Both private & public sectors In S. Africa need to train their employees, the weak point in any organisation's defences, to counter cyber threats. read more

BMW Cars Can He Hacked

Fast Forward: An in-depth analysis of various systems present in BMW cars has discovered 14 locally and remotely exploitable vulnerabilities. read more

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