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Newsletter March #1 2018

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Cybercrime Costs Over $600 Billion Annually

Cybercrime is having an enormous economic impact, with significant ramifications toward things like jobs, opportunity, investment and innovation. read more


UN Chief Urges Global Rules For Cyber Warfare

Secretary General Antonio Guterres calls for global rules to minimise the impact of electronic warfare and mass cyber attacks on civilians. read more


Millions Of Compromised Accounts Discovered On The Dark Web

Researchers at Hacked-DB have found a massive trove of data on the dark web, containing login credentials of millions of users. read more


Corporate Defence Plan Against Cyberattacks

Major industrial companies are joining up to promote stronger safeguards against assaults on digital systems that control critical infrastructure. read more


Cyber Threats Will Grow With GDPR

The cyber threat landscape will only get worse under GDPR and it could be cheaper to pay ransom and stay silent than pay the fines. read more


Eight Reasons Why Facebook Has Peaked

Suspicions are growing that Mark Zuckerberg and his team have unleashed something that they cannot control and may have already peaked. read more


FBI, CIA & NSA Officials Agree: Stay Away From Huawei Phones

Without disclosing hard evidence, the US intelligence establishment are united in accusing the Chinese telecoms giant of cyber espionage. read more


Fake News: Could A Cyberattack Cause A Cyberwar?

Fake news is actually a form of cyberattack. When people believe everything they read on social media, the world becomes an unpredictable place. read more


AI Will Boost Cybercrime & Security Threats

The increasing influence of AI on the physical world means it is also vulnerable to the misuse of AI, both technologically and politically. read more


Discover Hidden Cybersecurity Talent

People who are not IT professionals can make valuable, diverse contributions to a cyber defense program. read more


AI Will Underpin Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity risks are growing in complexity and volume, but artificial intelligence techniques can help businesses fight them in real time. read more


Foreign Interference In US Elections 'Will be repeated'

Foreign interference in democratic elections will keep happening unless western countries get serious about imposing severe consequences. read more


Cybersecurity Is A Job for CEOs, Not Just The IT Team

Cyber attacks on business pose real dangers to the bottom line and corporate reputation. They must be dealt with first-hand in the boardroom. read more

What’s Happening With China’s Fintech?

A unique technology ecosystem: A tech-savvy population, an underdeveloped banking industry and an initially relaxed regulatory environment. read more

Police Prepare for Cyber Attacks

Canada is heightening its cybersecurity defenses across the board, not least in its regional police forces. read more

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