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Newsletter March #2 2018

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The Web Is Dying. Make Way For The Trinet

The underlying dynamics of power on the Web have changed and three companies are at the center of a fundamental transformation. read more


Cybercime Against UK Business Is Up 63%

UK Office for National Statistics reports that incidents involving computer misuse and malware against businesses are significantly up. read more


GDPR Will Fuel Criminal Extortion

Criminals might try to extorting money from enterprises by demanding a ransom slightly less than the likely GPPR fine which CEOs would have to pay. read more


Cybercriminals Use Fake Websites

Criminal tricks include websites disguised as crypto-currency exchanges or fake services offering cloud mining. But in all cases the users lose their money. read more


N Korea's Cyber Army Has A New Battalion

The experts at FireEye have identified a new unit of North Korea's hacker army named APT37, capable of sophisticated international attacks. read more


Three Sectors Being Transformed By AI

Insurance, Government and Retail are the three sectors most likely to undergo change as the application AI technology diversifies. read more


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency May Soon Underpin Cloud Storage

Decentralised storage platforms using blockchain technology see an opportunity to compete with Cloud big boys like AWS and Microsoft's Azure. read more


Combating The Threat Of Malicious AI

Without a coherent international response, the AI technology created to derive deep insights and solve complex problems could be misappropriated to do great harm read more


UK Cyber Attacks Will ‘Get Worse’ After Brexit

The UK’s cyber-attack threat profile could worsen post-Brexit, academic experts are warning. read more


The German Government Under Attack

Cyber spies belonging to the Russian hacker group "APT28" are said to have attacked the federal government's sensitive data network. read more


High Performance Face Recognition

Panasonic's face recognition software using deep learning technology is claimed to offer a high level of precision, detecting part-covered and disguised  faces. read more


Which Phishing Messages Have A Near 100% Click Rate?

Training employees to spot phishing emails, messages and phone calls needs to be frequent if the organisation wants to see click rates decrease. read more


GDPR-Regulated Data Is Lurking In Unexpected Places

As companies work to ensure compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation they may be overlooking a few key areas. read more

UK Banks Fall Behind In FinTech

British banks are failing to embrace facial recognition, automated data capture & social media data analysis in dealing with identity management. read more

Russian Spies Hacked The Korean Olympics

Russian military spies hacked hundreds of computers at the Pyeongchang Olympic Games  in a “false-flag” operation, US analysts claim. read more

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