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Newsletter March #3 2018

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US Spy Chiefs Look For UK Guidance On Cybersecurity

Concerned over the vulnerability of US companies, US security chiefs are considering replicating Britain's unified National Cyber Security Centre. read more


Gina Haspel Is The New CIA Director

New CIA Director Gina Haspel is a real spook and a woman with a past in 'Black Ops' who ran agents, oversaw torture and destroyed the evidence. read more


Russia Warns UK Against Cyber Retaliation

Britain could launch a cyber attack in retaliation for the alleged use of a nerve agent in an assassination attempt on Russians in the UK. read more


Bill Gates Says Cryptocurrencies Are Deadly

Bill Gates is concerned by cryptocurrency, saying that the anonymity offered by the new technology has “caused deaths in a fairly direct way”. read more


Russian Hacker False Flags Work - Even After They're Exposed

False Flag identities for nation-state hackers are just as standard a part of the toolkit as phishing links and infected Microsoft Office attachments. read more


The Pentagon Puts Google’s AI To Use

Open source AI technology originally developed by Google is finding its way into big budget US military programs. Some Google employees are unhappy. read more


Further Cyberattacks On German Government Networks

While blaming Russian APT28 hackers, Germany's security services have allowed the attack to continue in order to gather more information. read more


NSA’s Global Spy Monitor

Security researchers have spotted scanning tools that the NSA use to detect other nation-state hackers on the machines it infects. read more


Philosophy Of The Information Age

Information, misinformation and fake news in the information age prompt some hard philosophical questions, with no clear answers. read more


A Cyberattack Is The #1 Risk For Business

Businesses and the public sector must now push through effective cyber security initiatives to help mitigate the looming threat from cybercriminals. read more


Cybercriminals Use Fake Websites

Criminal tricks include websites disguised as crypto-currency exchanges or fake services offering cloud mining. But the users always lose their money. read more


Does Fake News Affect Threat Intelligence?

The concept of ‘fake news’ has plagued media for the past couple of years, but what is its impact upon business-level cybersecurity? read more


Singapore Sets Up A Cybersecurity Start-Up Hub

Singapore is setting up its first cybersecurity start-up incubation hub, as the nation strives to carve out a leading role in the digital economy. read more

Artificial Intelligence Is Cyber Defence

AI can help spot trends, patterns and anomalies in data that the naked eye cannot discern to identify and mitigate proliferating new types of malware. read more

Autonomous Cars Hit The Road In California

Look - No Hands: Tech companies and others working on driverless vehicle systems will begin trialling their cars without a safety driver present. read more

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