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Newsletter March #5 2018

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Russia Can Disconnect From The Internet

Russia has prepared the infrastructure to support a digitally isolated state, capable of operating independently from the World Wide Web. read more


Facebook’s Influence On UK Politics

The idea of marketing to voters on Facebook was brought to the UK by the Obama campaign. It has now become a significant factor in British elections. read more


Snowden Says Bitcoin Is Not Private

The NSA whisltleblower turned tech pundit points out that the blockchain public ledger means that it’s possible for anyone to see Bitcoin transactions. read more


US City Of Atlanta Suffers An Attack

Atlanta has come under attack in the first known incident of ransomware being used against multiple municipal operations. read more


Five Steps To Keeping Your Cloud GDPR Compliant

The GDPR gives the balance of power concerning personal data to the individual rather than to the companies collecting it. That could prove quite painful. read more


DARPA Wants AI To Reveal Adversaries' True Intentions

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency will use Artificial Intelligence to understand and detect how adversaries are using deception & covert tactics. read more


Crypto Mining Malware Hits Business

Crypto-mining malware continues to impact organisations globally as 23% were affected by the Coinhive variant during January, say Check Point. read more


Google Launches An Initiative To Tackle Fake News

Google will spend $300m to support the media industry through greater filtration of content, to fight misinformation and support accurate journalism. read more


Cognitive Computing And AI Compared

Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing are really not the same thing. One simulates human intelligence, the other improves it. read more 


Petty Criminals Have Use Of Sophisticated Hacking Tools

The experts at Cyberint say that hackers have started using sophisticated hacking tools and  techniques once used only by nation states. read more


The Resurgent Cyber Threat From Iran

Iran's army of hackers are emboldened and skilled at carrying out surveillance operations and sophisticated attacks beyond its borders. read more


African Union HQ Building Bugged

Allegations of embedded espionage at the African Union’s HQ might prompt leaders to be more cautious about Chinese investment proposals. read more


Millennials More Likely To Fall Victim To Cybercrime

Millennials aged 20 - 29 are more likely to fall victim to online based scams than the 70-plus age group. read more


Equifax: Insider Trading Charges

An Equifax executive faces charges of insider trading based upon confidential information about a data breach affecting the secret data of 140 million people. read more

LinkedIn Updates Policies For GDPR

LinkedIn is making changes that will impact the user agreement, privacy policy, cookie policy and professional community policies in time for GDPR. read more

One A Day: Healthcare Breaches Are A Daily Event

Healthcare data remains under attack and no relief is in sight. read more

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