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Newsletter May #2 2018

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Senior IT Execs Admit Cyber Threats Are Out Of Control

60% of top IT executives say cyber threats in their organisation are out of control. But only 31% refresh their cybersecurity strategy annually. read more


Re-Thinking The Threat Of Ransomware

Where did ransomware come from, how is it evolving and, most importantly, what steps can organisations take to protect against it? read more


Blockchain Will Radically Transform Anti-Fraud

Blockchain's distributed ledger technology is ideal for meeting government data rules (GDPR) and serving as a trusted tool for identity verification. read more


Hacker Group Targets Healthcare Providers

Orangeworm:  Symantec is warning of a new and significantly dangerous hacker ring targeting large healthcare organisations. read more


Australia's Largest Bank Lost The Personal Financial Histories Of 12m Customers

The Commonwealth Bank chose not to tell customers it had lost their financial records after a subcontractor 'lost several tape drives' in 2016. read more


British Healthcare System Spends £150m Extra On Cybersecurity

A new digital security operations centre will detect & prevent incidents, allowing quicker response times and promoting skills at local level. read more


Cambridge Analytica Goes Out Of Business

Cambridge Analytica closed on 2nd May, citing a loss of business, but investigations of the firm's handling of millions of people's data continues. read more


GDPR Deadline: A Horrorshow Or A Non-Event?

Endless studies on corporate readiness for the impending GDPR deadline demonstrate that data truly can be made to say just about anything. read more


Facebook Collects Your Data Even If You Don’t Use Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg's testimony to the US Congress includes an admission that Facebook collects user data even if a user has never had an account. read more


Six Benefits From Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Data is the big new strategic asset. Organisations that can effectively harness AI and Machine learning to exploit their data will be big winners. read more


Killer Robots Are A Revolution In Warfare

Fully autonomous weapons do not yet exist, but senior military thinkers say the use of robots will be widespread in warfare in a matter of years. read more


How To Beat The Hackers

The global cost of cybercrime is estimated to reach $2 trillion by 2019, a threefold increase from the 2015 estimate of $500 billion. What can be done? read more 


Is Technology Undermining Democracy?

Reading List: An important new book raises hard questions about the business of social media. 'The People Vs Tech' by Jamie Bartlett - review by David Beer. read more

Leading Companies Pledge To Fight Cyber-Attacks

Companies across every layer of Internet communication vow to defend against misuse of their technology and promise to protect customers. read more 

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