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Newsletter May #3 2018

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GDPR: It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Its important to remember that GDPR is a principle-based, legal framework to drive change, as opposed to a last minute tick-box exercise. read more


Iran Likely To Retaliate With Cyberattacks

The experts at Recorded Future say Iran could swiftly deliver cyberattacks against Western business following US withdrawal from a nuclear treaty. read more


Australia Points The Finger At Russia

Australian intelligence agencies have identified Russia as the actor behind a series of cyberattacks affecting 400 businesses sine 2017. read more


Cyberattackers Focus On Big UK Charities

Charities are highly exposed to online risks: Seven in ten large UK charities have experienced cybersecurity breaches in the last 12 months. read more


Russian Hackers Target The Sun

Gotcha: A leading British newspaper has been targeted as new warnings about Russian sponsored hackers are issued by the NCSC. read more


Why Are There So Few Women In Cybersecurity?

Males hold three out of four jobs in the tech world, but it is in cybersecurity where the lack of participation of women is most acute. read more


Blockchain Is Transforming The Investment Business

Until recently, investors hardly knew what blockchain & crypto-currencies were. Now,  blockchain is transforming finance & investing. read more


Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape Banking

As many as 70% of front-office jobs in the banking industry will be dislocated by AI and the required skills will be in technology, not finance. read more


First GDPR. Now A New EU Cyber Regulation

The Network & Information Security (NIS)  regulation is aimed at creating a base level of security for essential services within the EU. read more


Real-Time AI Gets Close To A Brainwave

Microsoft Azure's Cloud Service introduces 'Project Brainwave' a hardware architecture designed to accelerate real-time AI calculations. read more


Three Ways That Automation & Machine Learning Are Changing Data Centres

Introducing self-managing data centers, where automation and machine learning autonomously handle administrative storage tasks. read more


Getting The Most From Investing In AI

Artificial Intelligence is forcing companies to apply a business strategy that combines intelligent technologies and human talent to reach customers. read more

Corporate Lawyers Brace For GDPR

In-house lawyers expect to play a greater role in cybersecurity as organisations brace themselves for the arrival of the GDPR data  protection regime. read more

Your Next Bank Card is a Finger-Scanner

Biometric Authentication: People may forget their PINs but very rarely do they go out without their fingers. read more

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