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Newsletter May #4 2018

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China Is Behind A Decade Of Hacks On Software Companies

Chinese spy agencies are behind a decade of network intrusions using advanced malware to penetrate US, EU & Russian software companies. read more


Ex-Employee Suspected Of Leaking CIA Hacking Tools

A CIA operative who worked on computer code used to spy on foreign adversaries is suspected of giving  top-secret information to WikiLeaks. read more


Facebook Suspends Hundreds Of  Apps

Just as Mark Zuckerberg turned up in Brussels to face questions from the European Parliament, Facebook has suspended around 200 data harvesting apps. read more


Turkey Uses German Spy Software On Opposition Politicians & Activists

The Turkish government has used a German-made spy program to infiltrate the smartphones of the Turkish opposition, despite a ban on its export. read more


How Do Hackers Hide Their IP Address?

Cyber-criminals could be operating from any part of the world and remain untraceable because they can hide their IP addresses from prying eyes. read more


About Cyber Insurance

Following a sequence of international events featuring major data breaches, cyber insurance has really caught on. Here's a quick summary. read more


'Cyber is Uncharted Territory And It’s Going To Get Worse…’

Investor Warren Buffet is getting worried his insurance business may suffer a disastrous claim for its insured cyber liabilities. read more


What Your Board Needs To Know About GDPR

Even those organisations operating outside the EU should pay close attention to the General Data Protection Regulation, coming into force this week. read more


The Pitfalls Of GDPR & Cyber Security For Micro Organisations

Very many small community-led organisations are thinking about curtailing their services because of GDPR. By Emma Osborn read more


NSA Spies Triple Text and Phone Collection

The US intelligence agency collected 534 million domestic phone records last year, even though its bulk interception power is limited by federal law. read more


Secure Encrypted Email Platform PGP Is Not Secure

PGP as used by Edward Snowden was believed to be one of the most secure methods of protecting private email communications. That's not so. read more


Hacking The Vote

More than 20 elections scheduled in N. America and Europe over the next two years will provide “fertile ground” for interference. read more


A Guide To Preventing Charity Cybercrime

Specialist insurer finds that 17% of UK charities have experienced cyber attacks, with ransomware top of the list whilst 63% worry about cyber crime. read more

The Swiss Bank Where Robots Replace Employees

Process Automation: Why have seven employees work for three days when software robots can do the job instead? read more

Trump Eliminates Top Cybersecurity Post

An expert to streamline & coordinated the various agencies of the  US government is not being replaced. read more

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