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Newsletter November #1 2018

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Pay-As-You-Go Cybersecurity

Shifting from a monolithic, high investment, capex-based cybersecurity model to an on-demand, pay-as-you-go one is clearly the way of the future. read more


Why Has The US Not Been Hit With A Devastating Cyber Attack?

Security experts have been warning about a devastating cyber-attack for over a decade. Here are a few theories why it hasn’t occurred… yet. read more


Blockchain Has The Power To Break Big Tech’s Hold On AI

Hot Money: The idea of applying the blockchain to artificial intelligence is attracting a growing number of serious entrepreneurs and VC investors. read more


Cyber Audits: The Missing Layer in Cybersecurity

Involving the audit team can help ensure that technology solutions are being properly deployed to address critical strategic security risks. read more


The Pentagon Prepares A Cyber-Attack On Russia

The defense establishment has agreed a plan for a major cyber-attack that the US could unleash if Russia is found to have interfered with the 2018 midterm elections. read more


Britain Needs A Cyber Army To Defend Against Prolific Attacks

The UK is going to be wide-open to state-sponsored hacking of its critical infrastructure because of a shortage of 50,000 cybersecurity specialists. read more


Finland Is Worried About Russian Cyberwar Techniques

Falling in the shadow of its giant neighbour means that Finland is being inevitably drawn into the world of Russian hybrid warfare. read more


What Northrop’s Unified Platform Win Means For Cyber War

Northrop Grumman has been awarded a lead role in developing the next generation of weapons for US Cyber Command. What does that mean? read more


Millenials Are Better At Separating News From Opinion

Gen Z don’t know much about the days of print newspapers separating the news pages from the opinion section. But they can tell the difference. read more


Plans To Create More Cyber Women

Kaspersky Lab has developed new partnerships in an effort to encourage more women to consider careers in the cybersecurity field. read more


British Policing Faces The Future

Organised crime costs the UK economy £37bn a year as online crime is surging, according to the National Crime Agency. read more


Social Media Companies Scan For Potential Terrorists

The big social media platforms have developed technological and policy-based ways to help identify and prevent extremist content. read more


AI Gives Businesses Real Customer Insights

Artificial Intelligence is capable of empowering companies to learn much more about their customers and to improve how they target specific audiences. read more

The Pentagon Doesn’t Want To Use Real AI

The US military are planning to use Artificial Intelligence in the narrow sense of using machines to help humans make better decisions. read more

Blockchain Can Improve Manufacturing

The greatest immediate potential for Blockchain to deliver business value is in manufacturing industry. read more

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