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Newsletter November #2 2018

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The UK Will Be Hit By A Category One Cyber-Attack

Britain has not yet faced what would be considered a ‘category one’ cyber-attack, but there is little doubt that it will happen. read more


Neither US, Russia Nor China Will Sign Macron's Cyber Pact

Three of today's major cyber-powers have not signed an agreement on rules and principles proposed by French President Emmanuel Macron. read more


Why the Public Directory of Domain Names Is About to Vanish

Until May 2018, anyone could look up the name and contact details for the owner of a domain name. Thanks to GDPR, not any more. By Emily Taylor read more


How To Get Into Cyber Security: Tips, Strategy And Skills

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, cybersecurity jobs are projected to grow 28% by 2026, a rate that far outpaces other careers. read more


5 Questions CEOs Are Asking About AI

Although they believe AI’s value, many executives are still wondering about the best way to handle its adoption in their business. read more


Edward Snowden Issues A Surveillance Warning To Israelis

Speaking from Moscow, Edward Snowden has urged an Israeli audience to be on guard against heavy-handed government & private surveillance. read more


Microsoft Wants To Work with Trump & Congress On Cybersecurity

Bipartisan: Despite a newly divided US Congress, Microsoft is looking for ways to create a global force-field against cybersecurity threats. read more


USB Devices Pose A Significant Threat To Industrial Facilities

Removable USB media devices pose a significant and intentional cyber threat to a wide array of industrial process control networks. read more


Iran Admits To Being Hit By A Cyber Attack

Iran’s strategic infrastructure networks have reportedly come under an extensive and powerful cyber-attack. Who would do that?. read more


China Has “taken the gloves off” In Hacking Attacks

China has upped its hacking game, improving operational security and penetration skills and learning from Russian expertise. read more


Dozens of Spies Killed Due To A Flawed CIA Comms System

A catastrophic chain of events led to 70% of the CIA’s spy network in Iran  being potentially compromised at some point between 2009-13. read more


Schoolboy Hacked Mock Florida Election Site In 10 Minutes

As votes cast in Florida are re-counted amid allegations of electoral fraud, it turns out that an 11 year old could hack the the system. read more

Companies Are Dropping The Term ‘Blockchain’ Due To Hype

Some companies are stopping using the term “blockchain” because they think it is overhyped. read more

Can AI Be Used To Fight Crime?

AI is now sophisticated enough to offer police the tools to solve previous crimes while also helping to prevent of crimes yet to take place. By Bill Hess read more

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