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Newsletter November #3 2018

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What Is The GRU & Who Does It Hack?

The GRU is Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate and officially it doesn’t exist, but its agents are very busy. Who are they and what do they do? read more


Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Faced Crisis

A bombshell report on Facebook management’s struggles to deal with data breaches, failures to protect privacy and electoral interference. read more


GDPR Alert As Average ICO Fines Double In A Year

Business needs to wake up as the value of fines issued by the British  Information Commissioner’s Office has increased 24% in the past year. read more


Stuxnet 2.0 - Iran Says Israel Has Launched New Cyber Attacks

Iran’s chief of civil defense recently claimed that the Iranian government had fought off what he described as a new version of Stuxnet. read more


How Companies Can Minimise Cyber Attack Damage

Cyber criminals can often exploit security breaches over months and sometimes even years and that can be very damaging to any organisation. read more


Don't Underestimate The Impact Of Phishing

Most companies lack adequate safeguards against phishing threats and its not just about emails. read more


Millennials Are A Threat To Cybersecurity

Nearly 90% of 18–25 year olds break the basic security rules, reusing passwords across different accounts. read more


AI For Cyber - You Don’t Need To Know The Threat, Just The Network

AI driven cybersecurity does its work not by hunting viruses but by understanding networks. read more


Chinese Hackers Target UK Engineering

Recent attacks on an engineering company in the United Kingdom were attributed to a China-related cyber-espionage group. read more


Japanese Cybersecurity Minister Does Not Use Computers

The Japanese Government minister in charge of major changes to a key cybersecurity law has admitted he rarely uses a computer. read more


South Korea To Triple Investment In Blockchain

The S Korean government will invest $35 million next year’s to develop blockchain technology & related distributed ledger technology. read more


Industrial Control Systems Are Still Soft Targets For Cyber Attackers

Improperly protected Internet-connected industrial control systems are vulnerable to attacks that can cause catastrophic harm. read more


Cybersecurity Vigilance Is Mandatory

Mobile Devices, Cryptojacking, Botnets and Encrypted Traffic are four key vulnerabilities that security leaders should be focusing on right now. read more

Child-Tracking Watches Are 'Easy to Hack'

A location-tracking smartwatch worn by thousands of children neither encrypts the data nor secures each child's account. read more

The Search To Find Cybersecurity Experts Of The Future

An online programme designed to inspire teenagers in the UK to think about a career in cyber security will continue for a second year. read more

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