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Newsletter November #4 2018

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Russian Hackers Have New Weapons

Call them by their names: Fancy Bear, Cozy Bear, APT28 and Sofacy. They are all launching fresh attacks and one is on a mini-espionage campaign. read more


British Parliament Seizes Facebook Documents

Rarely used parliamentary powers have been used to demand that a US software firm hand over secret data. Facebook say they want it back. read more


Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Is 'Tainted' By Crises

As the problems swirling around Facebook gain force, some insiders think that COO Sheryl Sandberg may end up being handed the blame. read more


The GDPR Disclosure Problem

According to GDPR regulations, companies must notify personal data breaches likely to present a risk within 72 hours.That might well be too soon. read more


Google Challenged Over Location Tracking

Seven consumer groups have filed complaints against Google with national regulators, alleging that user location tracking is in violation of GDPR. read more


Uber Fined By Regulators In Britain & The Netherlands

Avoidable data security flaws allowed the personal details of around 2.7 million UK customers to be accessed and downloaded by attackers. read more


UK Failing To Act Against Cyber Threats

Government Ministers in the UK are failing to act with “a meaningful sense of purpose or urgency” in the face of the growing cyber threat. read more


GRU: Spies Without Borders

How were two undercover GRU officers able to obtain visas to travel to the UK to poison and attempt to kill  Sergey and Yulia Skripal? read more


Russian Cyber Strategy And Tactics

Russia views the cyber domain very differently to its western counterparts, from how they define cyberwarfare to how they employ cyber capabilities. read more


TalkTalk Hackers Jailed For Attack That Cost £77m

Two 'extraordinary talented' hackers are going to jail for a breach that cost TalkTalk an estimated £77 million and the CEO her job. read more


Faster Blockchain For Financial Institutions

Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly integrated into the mainstream finance industry, beyond the popular crypto-currency market. It will soon go faster. read more


Maritime Cybersecurity Takes A Big Step Forward

The shipping industry is not waiting for new regulations on maritime cybersecurity and has decided to implement its own rules. read more


From Machine Learning To Machine Reasoning

AI doesn’t fit the technology adoption lifecycle pattern. Rather it’s a quest… a quest for the intelligent machine. read more


Cyber Attacks On Australia Reveal A Pattern

Skip R&D, go straight for the IP: China is breaking the agreement with Australia not to steal each other's commercial secrets. read more

Cyber Warfare Needs Rules Of Engagement

Cyber space is the new battle space and eminent intelligence leaders are now calling for international terms of engagement in cyberwar. read more

Shush... Russian Banks Under Phishing Attack

Banks in Russia have been the target of a massive phishing campaign that aimed to deliver a malicious tool used by the Silence group of hackers. read more

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