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Newsletter October #1 2018

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Major Facebook Breach: 50m Users Compromised

An attacker could take full control of the victim’s account, including logging into third-party applications that use Facebook Login. read more


Tesco Bank Fined £16.4m For Exposing Customers

Let Off Lightly: Tesco Bank has agreed to pay £16.4m as part of a settlement with the Financial Conduct Authority following a cyber-attack in 2016. read more


Thieves Steal Half-a-Billion Pounds From UK Bank Customers

Over £500m was stolen from UK bank customers in the first 6 months of 2018 and most it was lost to transactions made without account holders' authorisation. read more


Ports Of San Diego & Barcelona Come Under Attack

Two major international ports have fallen victim to cyber-attacks within the span of a week, putting the shipping industry on high alert. read more


The Image Of Julian Assange Grows Darker

The architect of WikiLeaks depicts himself as an heroic fighter for the cause of transparency, but that image is getting harder to take at face value. read more


SMEs Risk Costs Of Up To $2.5m Following A Breach

Cisco say that larger organizations tend to be more resilient than SMEs after an attack as they have more resources for response and recovery. read more


How To Hack the Hackers: Behavioural Analysis & Cybercrime

As cyber-attacks grow more sophisticated, those who defend against them are using behavioural science to understand the perpetrators and their victims. read more


Reputational Damage & The Human Factor In Social Media

The greatest cybersecurity risk modern businesses currently face comes from people, not from a lack of firewalls or security policies. read more


US Has Devastating Cyber Weapons

The crippling power of US cyber weapons will be deployed more often as authority for their use is moved further down the chain of command. read more


NATO Can’t Agree On What A Cyber Attack Is

NATO member states have not reached consensus on how to actually count and categorise cyber incidents across the alliance. read more


UK Builds 2,000-Strong Offensive Cyber Force

Britain's ability to wage war in cyberspace is getting a massive boost with the creation of a new, 2,000-strong offensive cyber force. read more


Fancy Bear Have A Nasty New Weapon

Russia’s 'Fancy Bear' hackers have new malware that’s virtually impossible to eradicate, capable of surviving a complete hard drive wipe. read more


Smartphones Are Working For Dutch Police

The Dutch National Police has issued its officers and staff with 63,000 smartphones, creating numerous opportunities to try doing things differently. read more

UK Newspaper Industry Demands Levy On Tech Firms

The British newspaper industry thinks that the government should force social media platforms like Facebook and Google to pay for journalism. read more

Hackers Stealing High Grade Academic Research

Iranian hackers obtained access to secure university systems and research databases by phishing university staff & using spoof domains. read more  

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