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Newsletter October #3 2018

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Lesser Skilled Cybercriminals Adopt Nation-State Hacking Methods

New analysis by CrowdStrike reveals a continued blurring of lines between covert methods employed by criminals and known nation-state actors. read more


Pentagon Weapons Systems Vulnerable To Cyber-Attacks

Issues include being able to turn a weapon on or off, affect missile targeting, adjust oxygen levels or manipulate what is seen on control screens. read more


British MoD Secrets Exposed In Dozens Of Breaches

Revealed: The Ministry of Defence and its partners failed to protect the UK's military and defence data in 37 cybersecurity incidents in 2017. read more


Corporate Cybercrime - A Hacker’s Point Of View

It only takes one cleverly worded email for hackers to attack your organisation's system from the inside out. Who are they and what do they stand to gain? read more


#PresidentialAlert: A US National Alert

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency has sent a test wireless emergency 'presidential alert' message to hundreds of millions of devices. read more


New Tools To Fight Fake News

Many sites that generate fake news share characteristics that distinguish them from genuine journalistic outlets. read more


Neither US Nor UK Agencies Have Investigated Chinese Spy Chips

Apple, Amazon and Super Micro strongly deny a bombshell report about implanted spy chips and they are supported by the DHS and the NCSC. read more


Chinese Spy Extradited To Go On Trial

A man the US claims is a Chinese intelligence officer stands accused of trying to steal aviation technology and faces up to 25 years in jail. read more


Cyberattack Revelations Undercut Russia's UN Efforts

Russia is planning to submit two UN resolutions later this month, one seeks to regulate states behaviour in cyberspace and one proposes a convention on cybercrime. read more


AI Hyperdrives Into Outer Space

Future deep space missions are likely to be turbo-charged by Artificial Intelligence on their voyage to comets, moons and the planets. read more


Blockchain As A Service Market To Reach $7 Billion

A recent analysis by Bank of America's star analyst suggests that blockchain adoption will soon become a multi-billion dollar business. read more


Build A Young Cyber Security Team

Tapping into up and coming youthful talent is the key to Melanie Oldham’s approach to building a cyber security workforce. read more


Artificial Intelligence - What We Need To Know

The trouble with the term artificial intelligence is the word 'intelligence'. It is something different and should not be confused with human sentience. read more


US & France To Permit Driverless Cars On Public Roads

Both the US and France are developing safety standards and regulations to allow fully driverless vehicles on public roads. read more

Stop US School Shootings With AI

A new artificial intelligence security system is aiming to give parents and their kids some additional peace of mind. read more

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