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Newsletter October #4 2018

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A Genocide Incited On Facebook

Myanmar military personnel turned the social network into a tool for ethnic cleansing hidden behind fake names and sham accounts. read more


35 Million 2018 US Voter Records For Sale

Current voter registration data found for sale on a hacking forum includes full name, phone numbers, physical addresses & voting history. read more


British NCSC Thwarts Hostile Hackers

The NCSC say it is defeating about 10 attacks every week, mostly carried out by state-sponsored hackers employed by hostile nations. read more


China Is 'biggest state sponsor of Cyber-Attacks on the West'

China, not Russia, has become the biggest state sponsor of cyber-attacks in its bid to steal commercial secrets, according to Crowdstrike. read more


Blockchain Can Help Fix Cybersecurity

Blockchain has great potential to help solve some of the many structural challenges faced by cybersecurity professionals. read more


Routers With Weak Passwords Will Soon Be Illegal In California

A new California law would make it illegal to sell Internet-connected devices that aren’t equipped with a unique password. read more


Algorithmic Warfare Is Coming - Humans Must Retain Control

Humanity is faced with a grave new reality – the rise of autonomous weapons, where wars are fought with algorithms.  By Peter Maurer. read more


Cyberwars Heat Up In Response To Chinese Aggression

Governments in the Asia-Pacific region are strengthening their offensive capabilities in the fight against Chinese cyberwarfare. read more


Mobile Security Threats Put Businesses At Risk

A significant lack of visibility into non-corporate devices and networks is putting businesses at risk of data leakage and phishing attacks. read more


A Guide To Criminality On The Web

An overview of the common kinds of cybercrime, with real-world examples and suggestions for tools you can use to protect yourself. read more


Almost Half Of Cyber-Attacks Are Directed At SMEs

Some 43% of all cyberattacks target SMEs, according to data compiled by SCORE. Here are some suggested ways to keep your business safe. read more


Tackling UK Cyber Crime

Cyber crime has overtaken physical theft as the most common criminal offence in the UK and criminals are finding online theft is less risky than burglary. read more


Cyber Criminals Use Social Media To Hack Bank Accounts

Irish police find criminals using social media to check when customers are contacting banks about problems to then pose as the bank to steal their data. read more

Edward Snowden To Address Israeli Spies

From safety in Moscow, Edward Snowden is going to address an Israeli audience, moderated by an ex Mossad intelligence chief. read more

iPhone Bug Gives Anyone Access To Your Photos

A recently discovered bug in iOS 12 allows attackers with physical access to your iPhone to access your contacts and photos. read more 

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