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Newsletter October #5 2018

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Cybersecurity + Blockchain = Big Progress

Blockchain-powered cybersecurity solutions which address a range of pressing challenges are happening now and they’re showing real promise. read more


Machine Learning & Big Data - Where You Least Expect It

Machine Learning has gone from a cryptic domain understood by a few to a technology that every company must deploy. Likewise Big Data. read more


Britain To Spend Up To £1B Extra On Cyber Warfare

Britain has decided to spend big on modernising its defence infrastructure, including building expertise in offensive cyber warfare methods. read more


NATO Cyber Command Fully Operational In 2023

Quicktime: A new NATO military command centre should be fully staffed and able to mount its own cyber-attacks in five years time. read more


Arrest Of Intelligence Officer Sparks Fears Of Chinese Hacking Attack

Top figures in the infosec industry fear that the recent arrest of a top Chinese intelligence officer will spark an increase in cyber-attacks. read more


Facebook Wants To Buy A Cybersecurity Firm - But Which One?

Mark Zuckerberg quickly wants to get his hands on security tools that will easily integrate with current services and has a big acquisition in mind. read more


Amazon Scraps AI Recruiting Tool That Showed Bias Against Women

Amazon's machine-learning specialists have uncovered a big problem: They found their new recruiting engine discriminates against women. read more


N. Korea Is Using The Internet ‘like a Criminal Syndicate’

North Korea has “dramatically” changed its Internet use patterns, as Kim Jong Un  directs hacking operations as if he were running a criminal family. read more


Russia And The US Offer Competing Visions Of Cyber Normality

The United States is trying to get Russia, China, and others to agree 'on the record' on how international laws should apply online. read more


British Refuse To Co-operate With Belgian Hacking Inquiry

The UK refusal to cooperate with an inquiry into GCHQ’s alleged hacking of Belgacom could damage diplomatic relations with NATO partners. read more


The Horror Story Of Cybercrime

The current top application breaches threaten companies with a rapidly mutating sophistication and include payment card theft via web injection, website hacking and app database hacking. read more


In Blockchain There’s No Checkmate

Blockchain technology is arguably one of the most significant innovations for decades. As it develops, it's only going to get smarter and better. read more


The BA Hack Was Much Bigger Than First Admitted

The cyber-attack on British Airways affected even more customers than first thought and the airline could be facing a GDPR penalty of £500 million. read more

New Partnership To Combine Cyber AI And Forensics

Darktrace and Endace have announced a partnership that combines Darktrace's cyber AI with Endace's forensic capabilities. read more

Intel And Rolls-Royce To Build Autonomous Cargo Ships

Rolls-Royce say they will use Intel chips to develop a global system for autonomous cargo ships. read more

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