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Newsletter September #2 2018

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Britain Plots Cyber Revenge On Russia For Novichok Poisonings

Britain and its allies promise revenge on Vladimir Putin’s regime for the Novichok attack believed to have beeen carried out by Russian secret agents. read more


N. Korean Hacker Fingered For Wannacry Attacks

The US justice department has charged an alleged North Korean spy for helping to perpetrate the wave of cyber attacks affecting the UK National Health Service. read more


British Airways Risk A £Multimillion Fine

BA faces a fine of up to £500 million from the Information Commissioner for the breach of GDPR rules caused by a massive hack of customer data. read more


UK Victims Lose £28m To Cybercrime In 6 Months

Cybercrime is often committed by criminals who never come into contact with their victim and about half of all fraud & cybercrime comes from abroad. read more


Will Russian Hackers Affect this Year's US Election?

Once again, hackers on the outside of the American political system were probing for a way in to exert a malign influence on the midterm elections. read more


Widepsread Campaign Hacking Instagram Accounts

The hack sees account names, profile pictures, passwords and email addresses changed, replaced with new data originating from a Russian provider. read more


DARPA Attempt Telepathic Communication With Drones

A person with a brain chip can now pilot a swarm of drones, or even advanced fighter jets, using a new brain-computer interface technique. read more


Do Companies Need A Chief AI Officer?

For many companies, Artificial Intelligence and a range of Cognitive Technologies are becoming a strategic part of their business operations. read more


Big Companies Have An Achilles Heel

The proliferation of network access points experienced by large organisations is multiplying both their risks and their potential liabilities. read more


Why Mainframe Security Risks Are Largely Unrecognized

Healthcare records are a top target for hackers, but what about vulnerabilities that aren’t even on the radar of hospital IT departments? read more


Blockchain Is Being Applied to Human Rights

Blockchain may not be a panacea to the all the world’s problems, but perhaps one of the most important areas for its application could be in human rights. read more


The App That Lets You Sell Your Personal Healthcare Data

Patients will be able to sell their anonymised data to pharmaceutical companies, researchers and others while retaining greater control over their privacy. read more


The 'Deep Web' May Be x 500 Bigger Than The ‘Normal Web’

The deep web can be accessed only with specific software and it is estimated to be about 400 to 500 times larger than the common Internet. read more

Training Young Hackers To Stop Cybercrime

British police chiefs and intelligence officers hope that young people will become their latest recruits in the rapidly evolving cyber war. read more



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