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Newsletter September #4 2018

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UK Gets Offensive: New Task Force To Deal With Russia & Terrorists

Britain will step up its counter offensive against threats from Russia and terrorist groups with a joint task force between the MoD and GCHQ. read more


White House To Step Up Cyber Counter-Offensive

National Security Adviser John Bolton warns foreign hackers the US will increase offensive measures as part of a new national cybersecurity strategy. read more


Former MI5 Chief Wants Retaliatory Attacks On Russia

Ex-spy agency Director General Stella Rimington urges Britain to meet Russian "aggression with aggression" and launch retaliatory cyber attacks against Moscow. read more


UK Fallout From The Massive Breach At Equifax

The ICO has issued Equifax’ UK subsidiary with the maximum fine of £500,000 for failing to protect the personal financial information of 15m UK citizens. read more


Manufacturing Industry: A Key Target For Cyber Attackers

As manufacturing industry is becoming better connected, the frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks is going up just as fast. read more


Insurance Experts Expect Higher Cyber Losses

Insurers expect increased cyber-related losses across all business lines, driven by an increasing reliance on technology and more major cyber attacks. read more


British Government Is Planning Internet Regulation

New rules would involve producing a single legal framework for internet safety and increasing the legal liability for sites with illegal content. read more


Many WiFi Routers Are At Risk Of Hacking

Millions of WiFi networks are vulnerable due to weaknesses in how saved passwords in web browsers interact over unencrypted connections. read more


Spyware Proliferates To 45 Countries

Pegasus spyware, which targets iPhones and Android devices, has infiltrated numerous countries where its is being used to abuse human rights. read more


Has Demand For Cybersecurity Skills Hit Crisis Point?

The UK Parliament's Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy has published a report that exposes the UK's chronic lack of digital skills. read more


Europol Warning: 15 Ways To Become A Cybercrime Victim

From ransomware to cryptocurrency scams, Europol says it wants to stop criminals from making you a victim. read more


Cybercrime Group Launches A New Family Of Malware

This destructive malware pretends to ask for a ransom, but in fact steals and deletes victims’ data as it self-propagates, searching for new targets. read more


The Maritime Industry's Slow Boat To Cybersecurity

Despite its critical global role, the maritime transportation sector has been slow to wake up to the need to protect its digital systems and assets. read more


New Phishing Attack Uses An Old Trick

A new phishing campaign is using an old trick by claiming to offer a tax refund which can only be claimed online. read more

Canada Is Suspicions Of Huawei

Canada is working to minimise cyber threats from equipment made by foreign telecommunications companies, including China’s Huawei. read more

AI Will Create 58 Million New Jobs By 2022

The growth of artificial intelligence could create 58 million net new jobs in the next few years, according to the World Economic Forum. read more

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