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Newsletter December #1 2019

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The Kids Cyber Protection Code

Children start facing privacy risks as soon as they enter the digital environment, long before their media literacy prepares them to make decisions. read more


Internet of Things: Cyber Security Threats In 2020

IoT devices can work seamlessly at home, industry and in business. The problem is they also allow hackers easy ways into computer systems. read more


On Trend: Business Data Protection Laws

Eighty countries worldwide have now adopted strict data protection laws to prohibit misuse of private information. Business must react. read more


British Elections: The Parties Manifestos On Cyber

Broadband Infrastructure. Cyber Crime. The Skills Gap. Data Security. National Defence. Taxing Big Tech. What do the main three parties have to say? read more


US & China Are Investing Big In Quantum Computing Simulation

Quantum simulators permit the study of quantum systems that are difficult to study in the laboratory and impossible to model with a supercomputer. read more


Using The Right Technology Saves Downtime From Cyber Attacks

Business Leaders Beware: Organisations face increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks which are impossible to anticipate using traditional methods. read more


Thousands Of  British Internet Domains Suspended

So far this year Nominet has suspended over 28,000 UK registered domains suspected by police of being used for criminal purposes. read more


Police Launch Global Attack On Islamic State

Belgian Police have carried out a cyber attack on a global scale against the online propaganda outlets of the Islamic State extremist group. read more


Cyber Security Skills Are On The Limit

The UK's widening cyber skills gap is putting the country's businesses at risk and is proving to be a huge concern for employee recruitment and retention. read more


Russia’s AI Mission Is State-Driven

Russia's recognition of the strategic significance of Artificial Intelligence is taking shape and it appears to be focusing on military applications. read more

Australian Parliament Hacked

It took a week to eject the state-sponsored attacker from the Australian Parliament’s IT  system. They don't say the extent of the damage. read more


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