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Newsletter December #2 2019

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Creating A Cyber Incident Response Policy

Incident response is an organised approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or cyberattack. You might need it. read more


Can Small Business Beat Cyber Attacks?

A good cybersecurity strategy is essential for any business, no matter its size, but with the severe skills  shortage, what’s a small business to do? read more


Beware Phishing Emails

Phishing is one of the most longstanding and dangerous methods of cybercrime. It is a simple fraud to operate and consistently claims victims. read more


Artificial Intelligence Is Already Reshaping Our Lives

AI is revolutionising how the everyday world works, including applications from streamlining operations to informing better decision making. read more


AI And IoT Have Created The AIoT

The IoT creates vast connections, AI makes these devices come alive, creating AIoT networks of devices that can communicate and process data. read more


A Massive Datacenter On Single Chip

A huge data center, which would use enormous amounts of energy to crunch data in a large  building, can be placed on a single computer chip. read more


Finland Has A Cyber Security Standard For IoT

As consumers become more reliant on smart devices and calls for IoT regulation spread internationally, Finland has set the standard. read more


Antivirus Software Concealed Thousands Of Cybercrime Reports

Over 9,000 reports of British cybercrime were not investigated because software designed to protect the Police database labelled them a security risk. read more


Free Speech And The Detention Of Julian Assange

Is Julian Assange a journalist and is journalism a crime? Yes and No, say those who oppose his extradition to the US on spying changes. read more


Bitcoin, Murder & Mafia On “Blockchain Island”

An investment project to to mine the controversial cryptocurrency Bitcoin in the EU nation of Malta has been linked to a murder. read more


Spyware Website Taken Down

Imminent Methods: A cyber crime website selling hacking tools and spyware has been closed down after an international investigation. read more

Darktrace Wins Bank Award

British cybersecurity company Darktrace has won the prestigious Lloyds Bank Business award for its pioneering work using artificial intelligence. read more


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