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Newsletter December #3 2019

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The Biggest Cyber Attack Of 2020 Has ‘Already Happened’

Get Ready: The vulnerabilities that lie behind what will become next year’s landmark breaches are most likely  already in place. read more


2020 Cyber Attack Predictions

According to some predictions, hackers will use new technologies and a few old vulnerabilities to wreak havoc around the world in 2020. read more


Microsoft Warning: Avoid Reusing Passwords

Millions of Microsoft customers are using log-ins that have previously been breached, putting them and their organisation at risk of account takeover. read more


Going To The Dark Web

If the Internet is an online world of towns and cities, then the Dark Web is their red-light district. It's growing too, and the Internet is changing with it. read more


Insiders Are Cyber Criminals Favourite Connection

Many companies fail to consider their people to be just as important as the software & systems they use to protect themselves against cyber threats. read more


What Girls Bring To Cyber Security

Some educators think that females have particular skills to bring to cyber security and schools in New Jersey in the US and Cardiff in Wales, back this up. read more


Malware Is Stealing Hotel Guest Data

RevengeHotels is a newly identified cybercrime malware campaign targeting hotels, hostels, hospitality and other tourism companies. read more


Cybercrime’s Deadly Impact On Business

A single successful attack can seriously damage your business, cost big money, burden your customers and affect your business's reputation. read more


US Contractors Are Struggling With Pentagon Cyber Security Standards

A prime route for hackers intending to steal US government technology is targeting its industrial base via the lengthy and vulnerable supply chain. read more


$5m Bounty For Russian Hacker

Zeus Malware: The FBI are offering an unprecedented $5 million reward for information leading to the arrest of the notorious bank hacker, Maksim Yakubets. read more


The Future Of Policing In A Cyber World

Police and criminals compete to get one step ahead of each other. How has the cyber threat landscape evolved and how can police respond? read more

Ransom Attack Strikes New Orleans

New Orleans is the latest city to fall victim to a cyberattack, running many services on pen and paper until it is safe to go back online. read more


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