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Newsletter November #4 2019

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Cloud Storage: What Is It & Who Runs It?

Cloud computing involves outsourcing tasks you can do using your own equipment to a few very large corporations and to assume it is secure is a mistake. read more


Tracking 5G Protocol Flaws

Researchers have identified various security flaws in the 5G mobile network communications protocol. These include user tracking, eavesdropping and spurious billing. read more


GDPR Data Regulations & Commercial Fines

GDPR allows EU citizens to see what data is held on them by an organisation and how it is being used. But not all infringements lead to fines. read more


Artificial Intelligence Will Create New Professions

There will be many new professions created, requiring a special set of skills to manage the delicate coordination between humans and AI. read more


Iran Shut Down The Internet

The Iranian government shows it has the capability to almost completely shut off access to the Internet across the country to silence protestors and quell unrest. read more


N Korean Hackers Are Targeting India

North Korean hackers identified with with wide-ranging financial theft are now being linked to attacks on India's nuclear power and space programs. read more


Louisiana Hit With A Ransom Attack

The nations of Crimea, Georgia and Ukraine. The cities of Atlanta and Johannesberg. Now, the state government of Louisiana is knocked offline. read more


Regulatory Plans For Artificial Intelligence &  Algorithms

Two pieces of legislation are under consideration by the US Congress, one regulating the use of Algorithms and the other the development of AI. By Joao Paro  read more


More Women Should Engage In Cyber Security Jobs

History is filled with women leaders in Science and Technology, which is why it’s puzzling that only 20% of the cyber security industry is female. read more


Ethical Hackers And Criminal Hacking

Ethical Hacking is fast becoming a respected sought-after profession as more organisations seek out the skills to protect their confidential data. read more


An AI System Capable Of Generating Fake News

OpenAI: The full version of a powerful text generating AI system that experts warned could be used for malicious purposes has just been released. read more

Parliament Wants A New Cyber Security Director

Career Opportunities: To maintain awareness of internal & external threats and to be a cybersecurity advocate to members of the UK Parliament. read more

'Cyber Ranges' Improve Corporate Security

Accenture has started offering clients practice Cyber Ranges in which companies can test how well they respond to simulated cyber attacks. read more 


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