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Newsletter April #1 2019

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What Should You Do If Your Business Is Hit By A Cyber Attack?

Its not just big businesses that are vulnerable. For Directors of SME's, cyber-attacks are something really important for them to worry about. read more


How Can Boardrooms Effectively Manage Cyber Risk?

For too long, cyber security standards and best-practice have been targeting technical and operational levels and have proven too difficult for boards to grasp. read more


Company  Directors Must Become More Aware Of Cyber Security

The UK is home to world leading businesses but the threat of cyber-attacks is always present. Business leaders must do more to reduce their risk. read more


Combining AI’s Power With Self-Centered Human Nature Could Be Dangerous

Its is not safe to think that as AI develops it will become more human-like.The reality is likely to be far more disconcerting and incomprehensible. By Jennifer Zhu Scott read more


AI Is The New Route For Both Cyber Attacks And Their Prevention

AI is developing quickly and can be applied to several specific uses in cyber security. Just how useful is the technology and where can it be applied? read more


Quantum Computing Will Break Encryption

Modern public-key encryption techniques will soon be challenged by rapid advances in Quantum computing. read more


Five Tech Trends Driving Cyber Security

Cyber security is an area where the best interests of business, customers and government need to align. A leading CISO identifies the key issues. read more


Ukraine Battles To Combat Election Hackers

The outcome of elections in Ukraine could be left hanging in the balance if previous attacks by Russian hackers are successfully repeated. read more


New Zealand Reconsiders Mass Surveillance

After the mass murders in Christchurch, NZ politicians are talking about resuming a previously much-criticised mass surveillance program. read more


Facebook Removes Suspicious Accounts For 'inauthentic behavior'

Facebook responds to critics by removing accounts in Iran, Russia, Macedonia & Kosovo that have been demonstrating coordinated suspicious behavior. read more


Security Flaw Puts UK Bank Customers At Risk

RBS customers have been put at risk of cyber-attack after being recommended to use flawed security software by the bank. read more

Where On Earth Is Cloud Data Actually Stored?

Many people don’t realise that despite being held in the “cloud”, your data still needs to be physically stored on a device somewhere. read more

British Cyber Security Strategy Is ‘Chaotic’

With cyber security responsibilities spread across six different departments, the UK  government is coming in for biting criticism from its opponents. read more

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