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Newsletter April #2 2019

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The Brexit Shaped Gap In UK Cyber Security

Leaving the European Union could mean a whole new cyber security regime for the UK and organisations need to understand how the changes might affect them. read more


Critical Infrastructure Is Under Worldwide Attack

Every minute of the day, cyber-attacks are causing severe problems, by disrupting technology and taking down different parts of the infrastructure system. read more


Identity Management Fundamentals

Identity management is a basic concept and it’s fundamental to information security. Why is it then, that so many organizations are terrible at it? By Evan Francen read more


Facebook Is Hosting Multiple Cybercrime Marketplaces

Researchers at Talos have uncovered how Facebook has been host to "dozens" of busy marketplaces and exchanges used by cyber-thieves to buy and sell stolen goods. read more


A Snapshot Of Cybercrime In The UK

Action Fraud report a 24% increase in cybercrime over a 6 month period in 2018 and in one city, an annual increase of 85%, driven by identity theft. read more


The UK Needs Data Driven Policing

Electronically driven social change is putting significant pressure on policing. As criminals go digital, hard-pressed police forces need to follow them. read more


Britain's National Cyber Security Strategy Beyond 2021

The UK is halfway through its 2nd National Cyber Security Programme and focus is beginning to shift to considering the future strategy beyond 2021. read more


Naval Hacker Team To Fight Drones

The US Navy is assembling a team of engineers, researchers and even some hackers to develop ways to fight off swarms of cheap commercial drones. read more


Top Blockchain Challenges For CIOs

The experts at Gartner think the world is just five years away from blockchain becoming mainstream and CISOs must quicky adapt to take advantage. read more


Financial Apps Are Vulnerable

New research reveals widespread security deficiencies, indicating that financial institutions are failing when it comes to protecting the integrity of their apps. read more


The EU’s Copyright Directive Risks Creating Two Internets

The EU Parliament’s approval of the new European Copyright Directive creates substantial new controls on what can be shared online. That's a problem. read more


FBI Takes Too Long To Alert Victims

Auditors report that FBI agents often drag their feet in notifying victims they’ve been breached, leaving networks unnecessarily vulnerable. read more

British Politicians Need To Better Understand Cyber Security

As critical public services like transport, energy and electoral processes are being digitised,   cybersecurity is becoming entwined in politics. read more

Why Does The Canadian Institute For Cybersecurity Matter?

The new Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity is the first national institution of its kind to take such a multidisciplinary approach to cybersecurity. read more

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