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Newsletter April #3 2019

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Banks Are Making It Easy For Hackers

Online banking currently has many critical cyber security vulnerabilities with very low levels of protection. Over 50% of transactions are at risk. read more


Attacks On UK Business & Charities Are Decreasing

The latest UK Cyber Breaches Survey shows that 32% of businesses identified a cyber  attack, down from 43% the previous year, thanks to GDPR. read more


Websites To Be Fined Over 'online harms' Under New UK Law

Websites could be fined or blocked if they fail to tackle "online harms" such as terrorist propaganda and child abuse, under British government plans. read more


National Teams Engage In NATO’s Annual Cyber Challenge

In the exercise scenario,a fictitious country faces coordinated cyber-attacks against its civilian infrastructure, while holding national elections. read more


America Remains Vulnerable To Cyber Attack

Ex-CIA chief Leon Panetta issues a warning that plans to protect the electric grid distract from the real solutions that would protect US critical infrastructure. read more


US Head of Homeland Security’s Departure Raises Questions

Kirstjen Nielsen had made cybersecurity a top priority for domestic US security and there are concerns as to whether her permanent replacement will do the same. read more


Zain Qaider And The Sixty Year Rule

It has been sixty years since pornography was made officially taboo in Britain, but it is only now that a cyber criminal has been brought to justice for exploiting it. read more


The Quantum Computer Threat To Encryption Should Be Taken Seriously

The advanced capabilities of quantum computers will render most traditional encryption protocols used today obsolete. read more


The Maritime Shipping Industry Should Be On Red Alert

There is widespread concern that the maritime industry remains vulnerable and is not doing enough to protect itself from cyber criminals. read more


AI Can Transform Marketing. Why Isn’t Your Business Using It? 

AI and machine learning will fuel the future of the data and marketing industry. If you aren't using them, be sure that your competitors certainly soon will be. read more


Thales Spends £4.8Bn To Deliver Full - Range Cybersecurity

Thales aims to become a global leader and deliver complete end-to-end cyber security for the Internet of Things, cloud and mobile security. read more

A Cybersecurity Guide For Small Business

Small business is just as much at risk as much bigger organisations. Canada's national Cyber Security Centre has produced valuable guidance. read more

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