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Newsletter April #4 2019

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Ethical Hacker Guilty Of Malware Attacks

The so-called WannaCry hero, British 'cyber researcher' Marcus Hutchins, has offered a guilty plea to two charges related to malware attacks on US-based banking systems. read more


Hackers Delight: Poor Password Security

Britain's National Cyber Security Centre has published survey results that reveal millions of people are using easy-to-guess passwords on their most sensitive accounts. read more


The FBI Believes Russia Hacked Florida Elections

Russian hackers breached “at least one” Florida county government using a spearphishing campaign, according Robert Mueller’s report. read more


AOC Gives Up On Facebook

The penny drops with Millennials, as the youngest woman in the US Congress has announced she is dropping Facebook and has launched a fierce attack on its management. read more


Deep Learning & Cybersecurity

Corporate networks are prime targets for threat actors and software vendors are increasingly turning to deep learning and other types of AI for cybersecurity protection. read more


The sheer number of non-attributable attacks from Chinese nation-state hackers are creating political concerns under the terms of the US - Japan security treaty. read more


Cognitive Science Can Explain Why Fake News Works

The Mandela Effect: Research shows that repeated exposure to fake news can increase the sense that the misinformation being offered is in fact true. read more


The CIA's Cloud Contract Is Worth Billions

The US secret intelligence agency is planning a contract for commercial cloud computing services that will be worth “tens of billions” of dollars. read more


N. Korea’s 4Cs: Crypto-Currency-Cyber-Crime

North Korea is going to extreme lengths to evade international sanctions and to raise funds. Now it is ramping up its efforts to exploit crypto-currencies. read more


A Distinguished AI Expert Is Concerned  About ‘Killer Robots’

A winner of the Turing Prize for mathematics, Prof. Yoshua Bengio, is worried that AI technology could lead to a dark future with autonomous weapons. read more

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