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Newsletter August #1 2019

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Business Is Starting To Believe That  AI Is The Best Defence

Two thirds of organisations acknowledge that they will not be able to respond to the next generation wave of critical threats without AI. read more


The Financial Services Industry Just Does Not Get It

Anthem, Equifax, First American and now CapitalOne all placed millions of confidential customer data at risk. Have they learned nothing? read more


Cyberwar: A Covert Cyber Attack Campaign Is Underway

A M.East cyberwar is running at full speed. Networks are being probed, weaknesses and vulnerabilities tested, offensive actions planned. read more


Russia Hacked All US State Election Systems

Two years after the Presidential election, it turns out Russian hackers focused on voter registration systems and databases, not voting machines. read more


Malware Delivery Via LinkedIn

A Phishing campaign using LinkedIn network invitations to deliver malicious documents included the use of three new malware families. read more


Expert Hacker Spared Jail

British hacker Marcus Hutchins is very lucky to have dodged a long jail sentence after a US judge recognised his good work in stopping Wannacry. read more


GDPR Requires Better Methods Of Authentication

GDPR has brought in a much tighter data  protection regime and compliance should move organisations towards having much stronger user authentication. read more


Cyber Security Threats Are Growing In 2019

Cybercrime has hit business with increasing costs, so it is important to review your organisation's security against attacks in Q3 2019. read more


What Is The Dark Web?

A collection of websites that exist on an encrypted network and cannot be found by using traditional search engines or by using traditional browsers. read more


One Costly Minute Of Cybercrime

Cybercriminals cost the global economy $2.9 million every minute last year, a total of $1.5 trillion according to RiskIQ's 'Evil Internet Minute'. read more


5G Networks Expand In The UK

The major mobile network operators in Britain, Vodafone, O2 and Three are in a hurry to deploy the new high bandwidth, low latency technology. read more

Lancaster University Hit By Data Thieves

Lancaster University has suffered a sophisticated and malicious phishing attack which has resulted in breaches of student and applicant data. read more

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