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Newsletter August #2 2019

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Malware Attacks Drop As Encrypted Attacks Increase

Malware is down, but it's getting more malicious in terms of the type of malware and how it is delivered. Ransomware is now a SAAS offering. read more


Surge Of Attacks On Banking Using Nation- State Hacker Tools

The experts at F-Secure say the threat landscape for the financial sector might be getting even worse as criminals use N. Korean signature techniques. read more


More About The Capital One Breach

Details are emerging about the massive breach affecting over 100 million credit card customers of Capital One, which first went unnoticed. read more


Four Questions To Ask After An Attack

Swift and comprehensive incident response is a critical step to ensuring the future security of a business and protecting its reputation. read more


Cyber Terrorism & Piracy

Terrorism today is a widening series of global alliances, supported and connected the sophisticated use social media and fake news.  By Alfred Rolington read more


The Cyber Effect On Modern Warfare

The recent US retaliatory cyber-attack on Iran demonstrates that offensive cyber operations are now an integral arm of statecraft. read more


British Army Reshapes Itself To Fight Cyberwars

Computer hackers and propaganda specialists are combining to form 6th Division, reflecting a doctrine that the boundaries between peace and war are fading. read more


Five New Security Trends Relevant To Your Business

Companies should be on the lookout for emerging technologies and processes that can protect their data from increasingly sophisticated threats. read more


Do Criminals Dream Of Electric Sheep?

EUROPOL thinks that cutting edge technologies, including   AI, 5G, Quantum computing and the Internet of Things will all benefit cybercrime. read more


Fraudsters Target Social Media Influencers

Social media 'influencers' and other celebrities are being duped into endorsing bogus products, services and fake investment opportunities. read more

We Can Reduce Cybercrime, But Why Are We Failing?

Devin Smith puts cybercrime under a magnifying glass, intending to combat or at least limit the malicious practices of criminal malpractitioners. read more

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