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Newsletter August #3 2019

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Webinar: How to Build a Threat Detection Strategy in AWS

Join SANS and AWS Marketplace to gain insights into creating a threat detection strategy for your cloud workloads. Learn about best practices for event monitoring, tools and features available to improve detection and response time, and how to adapt your existing resources to support detection in the cloud. Register For The Webinar

UK Power Outage: The Cyber Effect?

Blackout: Cities, towns, hospitals and transport networks across England and Wales lost electrical power, affecting around 1m people. A 'rare event' or evidence of a cyber attack? read more


Cyber Security Jobs & The Skills Gap

IT and Cyber professionals with the requisite knowledge and skills are highly sought after. How can you navigate a new career in cyber security? read more


N. Korea’s Hackers Stole $2b To Fund Its Missile Program

Money stolen from foreign financial institutions by cyber-attacks is now being spent on North Korea's frightening military weapons build-up. read more


FBI Turns To Social Media To Track Shooters

The US is growing used to the painful reality of the weaponisation of social media to cause harm. Now the FBI want to use it as an early warning tool. read more


The National Security Agency’s Cyber Offensive

The NSA is forming a new directorate to more closely align the agency’s offensive and defensive operations and to become more aggressive. read more


Bank Creates Its Own AI To Identify & Disintegrate Malware

JPMorgan Chase is integrating Artificial Intelligence into its internal security systems to thwart malware infections within its own networks. read more


Is The Cloud Skills Gap A Problem?

A lack of talent and skills in the IT sector is a big problem for business. For example, managing the transition to the cloud, which is now a mainstream technology. read more


Shockwave - A Global Transformation In Warfare

An electronic revolution is happening far quicker than previous revolutions and will significantly change the nature of warfare. By Alfred Rolington read more


Microsoft Say The IoT Is Under Attack

One of Russia's elite state-sponsored hacking groups is going after IoT devices as a way to breach corporate networks. read more


IBM X Force Dissect The Destructive Power Of Malware

Organisations previously thought safe from this form of cyber aggression increasingly find themselves affected, either directly or indirectly. read more

Training Robots & Human Bias

Robotic development is creating computer systems which can substitute and replicate both human actions and human fallibility. read more

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