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Newsletter August #5 2019

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Its Your People Who Contribute To Data Theft

Human error is a major factor in many cyber breaches. A more integrative and business-wide approach to cybersecurity is required.  read more



Organisations fighting against cybersecurity breaches have a new weapon: Cyberchology, a range of psychometric tests to identify the ones in your team who are the safer more cyber-aware personality types. read more


Cyber Strategy & Cyber Security

The internet grows bigger, faster and more powerful each passing day. Decision-makes must ensure they understand the benefits and the risks. By Alfred Rolington read more


Best UK Cyber Jobs Without A Degree

Getting Ahead: The demand for cyber skills across all sectors is opening up numerous well- paid job opportunities for non-graduates. read more


The EU's New Cybersecurity Certification Framework

A new Cybersecurity Certification scheme covers use of network & information systems by citizens, organisations & businesses across the EU. By Joao Paro  read more


Ransomware Hits Texas For Six

Over 20 local government agenciess have suffered a co-ordinated attack launched by somebody who is demanding a $multimillion ransom. read more


Cyber Crime In Britain

The UK National Crime Agency say Russian cyber groups are threatening UK interests, but home-grown cyber criminals are a rising threat. read more


What’s On The Dark Web?

The normal web is just a small part of the Internet. Using Tor, you can get access, but what are the issues around visiting the Dark Web? read more


US Army Wants To Focus On Information Warfare

Army commanders will all have a dedicated team of cybersecurity specialists to undertake electronic and information warfare. read more


Securing Your Organisation’s Office 365 Environment

If your business uses O365 or is considering migrating to the service, here are some top tips to help keep your business secure. By Chester Avey. read more

Fact-Checking Comes To Instagram

Although Facebook has owned Instagram for seven years it is only now expanding its existing independent 3rd party fact checker to Instagram. read more

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SECURITY IT SUMMIT - London 5 November

A unique one-day event that allows senior IT & Cyber security professionals to meet with innovative and competitive suppliers to the industry. Free for IT & Cyber security buyers to attend. read more


Cyber Knowledge The Easy Way Ch.2

Cyber security expert Alfred Rolington explores the hidden parts of the internet, concealed from regular search engines, where criminality in all its forms is flourishing. The second installment is Free to View now. read more



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