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Newsletter February #2 2019

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The Top 5 Malware Attack Types

Nearly 20% of cyber-attacks  reported to the UK Information Commissioner last year were malware-related and the total number is increasing. read more


Meeting The Cyber Talent Challenge Head-On

What can HR professionals do to lead the recruitment, retention and development of staff in cybersecurity roles? read more


Cyber Insurance Risks Are Moving Too Fast For Underwriters

With the growing number of inter-connected IT systems, devices and machines used by organisations, there is no business free from cybersecurity risk. read more


Military Cyber Training Methods

It's a war between criminal hackers and corporate IT defense systems and when it comes to wars, military organisations know how to fight them best. read more


Blockchain Improves Multicloud Network Management

Companies struggle to manage complex existing networks and multiple clouds as well as the associated security strains. Blockchain can help. read more


The Biggest International Cybercime Offenders

The cybercrime pandemic is highly lucrative with a low risk of prosecution. A few countries stand out as the most active attack sources. read more


Wicked Dark Web Wish List

The Dark Web is a lawless place by defintion, but even the most hidden corners of the darknet are not immune to the laws of supply and demand. read more


Foreign Hackers Target Canadian Government & Banks

The experts at FireEye say that Canadian banks, mining companies and government institutions are being targeted for IP theft and malware infection. read more


UK Student Loans Company In The Crosshairs

Cyber criminals are using malware, malicious emails and fake calls in their persistent attempts to access confidential financial data belonging to students. read more


White Hat Female Hacker Leads The Way

The CEO of LMG Security is one of a small but powerful group of women business leaders rising to the top in the fast-growing cybersecurity industry. read more


Five Arrested In UK Cybercrime Raids

London Metropolitan Police have arrested four men and a woman in connection with sophisticated malware attacks on numerous UK businesses. read more

Dubai Police Hold 2nd Annual Cybersecurity Challenge

Dubai's “Capture the Flag” challenge intends to inspire participants to learn more about computer science and to strengthen their problem-solving skills. read more

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