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Newsletter February #3 2019

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Take An Analytical Approach To Cybersecurity Training

There are many solutions designed to protect businesses from just about any security threat, yet an enterprise's biggest weakness is its people. read more


Russian Hacking Intensifies Closer To Ukrainian Election

Russian hackers are redoubling their efforts in the run-up to presidential elections in Ukraine, according to the head of Ukraine’s cyber-police. read more


British  Government Funds Academic Research In Cybersecurity

Researchers based in UK academic institutions can apply for a share of up to £800,000 to support them in commercialising cyber security innovation. read more


Unleash Blockchain Into Your Supply Chain

Supply chains are poised for a major disruption because of the evolving potential of blockchain technology to dramatically improve efficiency. read more


IoT Is In The Dark When It Comes To ePrivacy

As if GDPR wasn’t enough of a challenge, the new ePrivacy regulation is set to shake things up massively when it comes to the Internet of Things. By Kieran McGeehan  read more


Children Need A Break

Mobile phones should be banned from the dinner table and at bedtimes as part of a healthy approach to devices, say the UK's chief medical officers. read more


Obsessive Web Browsing Linked To Depression

A large-scale academic study has discovered a link between spending a lot of time browsing the Internet and depressive symptoms. read more


Cloud Based Technology For Policing

Cloud-based technology can be an effective tool helping law enforcement modernise work practices and better respond to changing societal issues. read more


China Accused Of A Cyber-Attack On Australia's Parliament

Australia's security agencies are investigating a breach of their Parliament's computer network suspected to be a foreign government attack. read more


Cyberwar Vs. Traditional Conflict

The first difference between cyberwar and traditional warfare is in knowing who exactly attacked you. The second is in knowing when. read more


Chinese Hackers Go After Norwegian Businesses

Chinese hackers APT10 stole data over an extended period from a Norwegian cloud software security company, according to experts at Recorded Future & Rapid7. read more

NASA's Daily Shutdown Threat

NASA faced daily cybersecurity threats during the US government's 35-day partial shutdown and these could re-emerge with a new shutdown. read more

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