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Newsletter February #4 2019

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AI Driven Cybersecurity Gives Companies A Fighting-Chance

It’s becoming clear that using artificial intelligence and machine learning is the safest way to lock down data and protect the enterprise. read more


Lack Of Tech Expertise At Board Level Puts Strategy At Risk

Boards lack the expertise to fully understand the challenges and opportunities that data security and related technology present to their organisations. read more


Personal Cyber Insurance Market Could Be Worth $3B by 2025

Big insurance companies are creating personal cyber insurance products specifically designed to cover loss or liability in the event of a cyber-attack. read more


Will Blockchain Change the World?

There have been many claims made about the potential of Blockchain. Here are some basic concepts to help understand what it is and where it is going.  read more


Facebook Is Moving Fast To Get Into Blockchain

Facebook is getting itself ready for blockchain, including hiring new people and bringing in top talent by acquiring the start-up company Chainspace. read more


The Hidden Truth About Cybercrime: Insider Threats

Malware is not the main cause of data loss. In fact, phishing, privilege breaches and compromised passwords are far more prevalent. read more


Russia May Disconnect From The Internet

Russia wants the capability to isolate its own internet from the rest of the world and is testing the ways to insulate its networks from external access. read more


The Pentagon Is Speeding-Up Its Cloud Strategy

The US Defense Department has released its new cloud strategy, which defines the pathway it has chosen for military adoption of cloud technology. read more


DARPA Testing Infrastructure Resilience

Cyber-attacks pose a challenge for US infrastructure security and the Defense Research Agency has set up a joint exercise to test resistance to multiple threats. read more


Three Ways the Pentagon Could Improve Cyber Intelligence

The US military needs to expand and improve its cyber intelligence capabilities to meet the Trump administration’s new cybersecurity strategy. read more


Could An AI Arms Race Lead To Accidental War?

Chinese experts worry that a rush to integrate Artificial Intelligence into weapons and other military equipment could accidentally lead to a war between nations. read more


Apple ‘Subscription Confirmation’ Phishing Scam

Apple Users should be alert to a new version of a classic phishing scam designed to trick them into handing over personal financial information. read more

New Zealand  Business Has Increased Cybersecurity Spending, But Not Its Expertise

The NZ security authorities are worried that whilst business is spending more on cybersecurity tools there is not enough investment going in to skills & training. read more

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