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Newsletter January #2 2019

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Cyber Attacks On Business Are Surging

2018 saw a massive increase in global cybercrime with the damage done taking a measurable proportion of GDP, running into billions of dollars. read more


China’s Hackers Have Stolen EU, US & Global Secrets

APT10: A China-based hacking group well known to the information security community has been hacking the rest of the world since 2014. read more


Revealed: Top Secret Israeli Hackers For Hire

Candiru is an offensive cyber company comprising ex-military specialists that can sell its customers a complete attack system. read more


German Politicians Suffer Mass Hacking

Personal data, phone numbers & financial information of politicians, including Angela Merkel and President Steinmeier, are leaked via Twitter. read more


Drones Interrupt International Flights

Drone sightings cause confusion at two of London's international airports and it is not at all clear who is responsible for the intrusions. read more


Hackers Demand Ransom For Stolen 911 Documents

Secret information about the murderous 911 attacks has allegedly been stolen from the insurer and is being offered for sale to terrorist groups. read more


Quantum Computing – Advantage Or Security Threat?

Several US government agencies are saying they see quantum computing and artificial intelligence as potential near-term security threats. read more


Prosecutors Sue Facebook Over Cambridge Analytica

Facebook faces a fine of up to $1.7 billion if all 340,000 instances are considered “violations” as Washington prosecutors press charges. read more


Optimising Maritime Cybersecurity

Modern vessels have multiple, complex technologies. Now, both onboard and shoreside crews can monitor each individual ship as well an entire fleet. read more


Major US Newspapers Under Malware Attack

Several major newspaper titles suffered serious print and delivery disruption caused by targeted cyber-attacks originating outside the US. read more


Scalability On Blockchain - Is There A Solution?

Business leaders are finding that the scalability in blockchain technologies is a major issue for effective enterprise implementation. read more


Cybersecurity In Israel

As a world leader in cybersecurity, Israel takes care over military cybersecurity, but also promotes civilian safety in cyberspace. read more


How To Develop Good Cybersecurity Practice

Doing Better Business: The potential revenue from rising compliance requirements and security threats is hard to ignore. read more


Fortnite Teen Hackers 'Earning Thousands of Pounds'

Children as young as 14 are making thousands of pounds a week as part of a global hacking network built around the popular video game Fortnite. read more

S. African Cybercrime Is Advancing Fast

Cybercrime is surging worldwide, not least in South Africa where security agencies, businesses and law enforcement are running hard to keep up. read more

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